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  • HP iPAQ 111 Classic Handheld…A Good One?

    Posted on March 28th, 2009 Shawn 2 comments

    Someone in my family is looking to get their hands on a PDA…no smartphone needed. It’s for using electronic medical books on-the-go. I know that the trusty (but now dead) Palm OS used to be great for medical professionals, but in recent years have seen that community move over the Windows Mobile world. My primary care physicians office is now being run with the staff using Windows Mobile PDA’s.

    For me, I’m all about convergence, and would always want the phone integrated in too. But, what about someone that needs this for just the PDA capabilities…and primarily for medical software?

    The HP iPAQ 111 looks like it would fit the bill for someone with this need. Big screen, running WinMo 6.0 (though I’d wish it would have 6.1 instead), has WiFi, has microphone/speaker for recording voice notes, comes with 1GB expansion card (See full specs below).

    What am I missing here? Any issues with this device you know of? If you know of any goods/bads of this thing, please post in comments. The Amazon link at the top of the post will give you all the details.

    • OS provided Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.0
    • Software included Games , Calculator , Asset Viewer , File Manager , IPAQ Wireless , MSN Messenger , Voice Recorder , Wireless Manager , HP Setup Assistant , Adobe Acrobat Reader , Certificate Enroller , HP Photosmart Mobile , Microsoft ActiveSync , Microsoft Office Mobile , Windows Media Player 10 Mobile , Microsoft Office Outlook Mobile , Microsoft Internet Explorer Mobile


    • Installed RAM 64 MB
    • RAM technology SDRAM
    • Installed ROM 256 MB Flash


    • Processor Marvell 624 MHzXScale PXA310

    Input Device

    • Input device type Stylus , Touch-screen , 5-way navigation button


    • Digital audio standards supported MP3
    • Audio input type Microphone
    • Audio output type Speaker(s)
    • Voice recording capability Yes
    • Miscellaneous compliant standards CE , UL , ACA , CCC , DGT , FCC , MIC , MOC , NOM , RRL , BSMI , CCIB , GOST , ICES , SABS , SASO , VCCI , CISPR , C-Tick


    • Modem None


    • Display type 3.5 in TFT active matrix
    • Color support 16-bit (64K colors)
    • Max resolution 320 x 240

    Expansion / Connectivity

    • Wireless connectivity IEEE 802.11b, IEEE 802.11g, Bluetooth 2.0 EDR
    • Port / Connector Type:Interface 1HeadphonesOutput , 1USB
    • Connector Provided Mini-phone stereo 3.5 mm , Mini-USB Type B
    • Expansion slot(s) total (free) 1 SD Memory Card
    • Cable(s) included 1 x USB cable , 1 x 4 ftPower cable


    • Battery installed ( max ) 1 Lithium ion
    • Power supply device Power adapter

    Environmental Parameters

    • Operating temperature 32 ?F113 ?F
    • Operating humidity range 35 – 85%


    • GPS System / GPS Navigation None


    • Service & support type 1 year warranty
    • Service / Support Details 1 year Limited warranty Parts and labor , 90 days Technical support
  • Storms Selling Like Crazy, More Loved features

    Posted on December 4th, 2008 Shawn No comments

    Two topics in today’s BlackBerry Storm post.  First, Verizon should be paying me commission since I have convinced three individual Storm sales this week alone. Second, I have some more features that I’m loving about the Storm which had not mentioned in earlier posts.

    This past weekend, I inadvertently convinced my 18 year old brother to get a Storm.  He is due for the Verizon “New Every Two” upgrade, and the Samsung Glyde was in his scopes.  While he and I were out Christmas shopping, I let him check out my Storm (and of course, I kept talking about it’s features).  After telling him the data plan on the Glyde would be higher, he’d get less included memory, and not a “real” smartphone OS, he walked over to the Verizon store at the Natick Collection and ordered a Storm.  I didn’t intend to sell him on it, in fact I tried to talk him out of a smartphone all together…c’mon he’s only 18.  Does he really need to get obsessed like us, at that age?

    The second sale came from one of America’s finest.  As I was leaving the gym yesterday, listening to music on my Motorola S9’s and Storm, a young Air Force captain (dressed in his camo) stopped me and asked if I was using a Storm.  He told me he was on his second Motorola Q (had the original, now rocking the Q9c) and looking to break contract if the Storm was good.  I let him play with my Storm for about five minutes, and we talked about the good and bad.  Good: 9GB of memory & good media player (i.e. no need for an iPod any more), good phone, excellent Bluetooth.  Bad: You will miss the QWERTY keys, no Wifi (you won’t miss that since it’s not on the Q).  He said, he’s going to order one and give it a 30-day try.

    The third sale was my employer buying me one.  Yup, I will soon be in possession of not one, but TWO Storms!  My employer will not let personal units connect up to the corporate BES, that’s BlackBerry Enterprise Server for you new guys (me included).  So, they are waiting on three demo units to arrive from Verizon for testing.  Once testing is complete and (hopefully) approved, they will order me a “corporate” Storm.  At that point, I have lovingly offered to sign my personal Storm over to my dear wife.

    Now, on to some more features that I love about the Storm.

    • Voice Dialing via Bluetooth. This is something the Palm OS could never figure out.  Some 3rd party apps did ok, but never perfected.  On the Storm voice dialing via Bluetooth is awesome.
      • To you iPhone and Windows Mobile guys, how does Bluetooth voice dialing work for you?  (That’s an honest question, not a dig).
    • 3.2 Megapixel camera/video with Flash.  I’ve never had a flash on my mobile phone before, and the flash on the Storm is bright and awesome.  I set it up to ‘always on’ for video, which allows for nighttime video (and photo) shoots. Plus is doubles as an excellent emergency flashlight.
      • I know the iPhone lacks a flash, and has a lower quality camera.  What about the AT&T Tilt?  I’m thinking the Storm wins here too.
    • Visual Voice Mail.  So, I sucked it up and tried the $3 a month Verizon Visual Voice Mail feature.  Basically, all your voicemails get downloaded to your phone (like MP3s) and you can play them without dialing into your voicemail.  It allows quick on-screen rewind and fast forward, as well as caller ID, and callback.  It’s quite cool, but not sure it’s worth $36 a year. I like it, but will probably cancel it in a month.
    • Standard Headset Jack. I have been stuck with 4 years of Treo’s and their non-standard headset jack, which forced me to buy proprietary headsets or adaptors if I ever wanted to connect.  It was such a pain.  The Storm has a standard 3.5mm jack, and all headsets, cassette adaptors, etc just work and well.
  • windows mobile obsession

    Posted on December 3rd, 2008 Eric No comments

    ok, let me commit myself to the clearly obsessed.  but, no, its not a treo, nor a blackberry, nor an iphone.

    i’ve been tweaking my at&t tilt non-stop.  for my first post, let’s cover just two of my lastest home screens. 

    which do you like better?

    this was made using the free base app called iFonz ( and then some heavy skinning:


    iFonz windows mobile screen

    iFonz windows mobile screen

    this second screen capture was made using the free app HomeScreen++ (, a highly customizable utility that offers a wide range of possibilities.  i’ve chosen to keep it clean and simple.  also on this home screen is a paid app from sbsh called iLauncher (  


    HomeScreen++/iLauncher windows mobile screen

    HomeScreen++/iLauncher windows mobile screen

    most of the theme i obtained for the above was found in the first post here:  you can find many variations and many configuration options through that link.

    the iFonz screen really mimics the iPhone well, you can touch-navigate through as many pages of applications as you like.  check the many variations here:

    anyway, which one do you like better?  



  • Stream Media from Desktop to Windows Mobile or Palm OS

    Posted on October 23rd, 2008 Shawn No comments

    You may (or may not) have heard of Kinoma. They make Kinoma Play for Windows Mobile and Kinoma Player EX for Palm OS. It’s a media player, for music, video, photos, podcasts, YouTube, etc.

    The recent update includes ORB support which is a Windows desktop application that streams your media (all media, not just music) from your desktop to your mobile device. So, you could stream a movie from your desktop to your Treo using ORB and Kinoma.

    The cool thing is, Kinoma Player is now free for Palm OS.

    No more need to sync your device to your desktop for loading music, photos, and video. Pretty cool. Check it out at Kinoma’s site.  Check out the ORB site too. Ooooo…ORB is also compatible with the big gaming consoles too, Xbox 360, Wii, and PS3.

  • Palm OS, you are losing me

    Posted on February 18th, 2008 Shawn No comments

    I’ll keep it quick and simple for now, and elaborate in a bit.

    crappy dumbphone from Nokia (2000 – 2002) –> crappy dumbphone from LG (2002 – 2005) –> PalmOne Treo 650 (2005 – 2007) –> Palm Treo 700p (2007 – now).

    I’ve grown past what I have. I’m working now to get out of my Verizon contract (without fees), so I can get the AT&T Tilt (aka HTC TyTn II). I know that everyone craps all over Windows Mobile, but it’s better than Palm OS for someone who wants it all. It’s time for me to have GPS, WiFi, and A2DP built into the device. I’m sick of waiting, and I’m going to jump ship. I looked at the Verizon XV6800, but it’s more expensive than AT&T’s Tilt and has less features.

    The Treo 800w (or whatever it’s going to be called), can’t get here fast enough. Anyway, you look at it….I’m done with Palm OS…..and Windows Mobile 6 is going to get me. Now, what hardware provider will it be? HTC, Sony, or Palm? It’s looking like it will be HTC, but I will keep you posted.

  • Style Tap…is there really any reason to stay with Palm OS?

    Posted on May 23rd, 2007 Shawn 1 comment

    Style TapYou may have heard of Style Tap by now. It’s a piece of software that runs on your Windows Mobile device, but is a Palm OS emulator. That’s right, you can run your Palm OS apps on your Windows Mobile Treo (or any other Win Mob device).

    So, with the impending end of the Palm OS, and the questionable future of Palm Linux…and with Microsoft (dare I say) innovating on the new Windows Mobile 6, I have to ask…
    …Why would anyone want to stick with Palm OS?

    If Style Tap does what it claims, I will be able to run Pocket Tunes, ChatterEmail, and Handy Finance on a Windows Mobile 6 device. My main reason for not moving to Windows Mobile 6 yet is (1) there isn’t yet a Treo that has Win Mob 6 (2) I don’t want to give up my three favorite Palm OS apps.

    Style tap seems like it will solve that, and allow me to stick with an OS developer (Microsoft) with plans long-term plans to continue to innovate its OS. Not a company that just releases device after device (Treo 650, 700p, 755p) with the same ol’ stale OS .

    It makes sense to me. What about you?

  • MicroSD in 8GB…Holy S!

    Posted on May 18th, 2007 Shawn No comments


    Samsung Announces 8 GB microSD Card
    Thursday, May 17 10:06:20 AM PST
    One of the indisputable trade offs in going from the full-size SD slots on the Treo 700p and 680 to the miniSD-enabled Treo 755p and 750 is the reduction in card storage capacity from 8 GB to a mere 4 GB. At the present time, owners of these newest Treo 755p and 750 equipped with miniSD slots cannot utilize the now-widespread and affordable 8 GB full-size SDHC cards and are limited to the handful of rare 4gb miniSDHC cards on the market. Samsung announced they have managed to leapfrog 8 GB in the larger miniSD form factor and somehow squeezed 8gb into the tiny thumbnail-sized microSD (formerly TransFlash) format.

    In theory, this development could be a boon for Treo owners even if larger miniSD cards do not appear, as the microSD format is electrically compatible with miniSD and only requires an adapter card to move between devices. microSD cards are most commonly seen on smaller feature phones, with miniSD the norm for most recent smartphones and a few cameras and camcorders. Unfortunately, production of these large-capacity microSD cards is only set for mid-2008. Hopefully affordable 8 GB miniSDHC cards will be released in the interim to ease the pain felt when hitting the 4gb flash card ceiling.

  • Treo 750 gets a free upgrade to Windows Mobile 6

    Posted on March 30th, 2007 Shawn No comments

    Treo 750This is sweet news for WinMo users. It’s also interesting for Garnet (Palm OS) users that are considering jumping to WinMo. Windows Mobile 6 answers some BIG questions for those of us hanging on to Garnet OS.

  • 320 x 320 screen resolution
  • 2.0 Bluetooth with native A2DP (Stereo Bluetooth Audio)
  • But, will we have the ability to use 8GB memory cards in the Treo 750? That question remains to be seen. I’ll keep you posted. Will you switch to Windows Mobile 6 from your current mobile OS?

    Here’s a detailed article from WebWire.

  • Short Treo Antenna @ MyTreo.Net

    Posted on January 12th, 2007 Shawn No comments

    Short AntennaThe antenna on the Treo is a distinguishing feature with many benefits. It can help you identify other Treo users from a distance. It can be used as a handle to pull your Treo out of its case. However, if you are like me, you wish your Treo’s antenna was either shorter or not protruding at all. Thanks to a new accessory available from, you can replace the existing antenna on your Treo 650 or Treo 700 with one that’s so short it’s like having no antenna at all!
    Full Story

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