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  • Innerfuze playing live, Oct 3 in Charlestown, MA

    Posted on October 2nd, 2009 Shawn 2 comments

    Want to see some live iDM (that’s intelligent dance music), in a competition of DJ’s?  Also, want to see the next generation of music coming to Rock Band Network?  Do you live in the Boston area?

    From Eric of Innerfuze

    playing my first live set at the links soundclash…  tomorrow, oct. 3 at the tavern at the end of the world in charlestown.  i would love it if you could make it…
    the soundclash puts 6 DJs up against one another playing all original material (stuff we made) and uses crowd feedback to determine a winner…
    the more people in my corner the better!!
    tell your friends, come down to charlestown, have some fun….

    Help MyRBN support Innerfuze, and come to Charlestown tomorrow. The show starts at 10:00PM and there is no cover (SWEET!)


    Charlestown, MA

  • Queen Of Fall from Serbia is coming to Rock Band Network

    Posted on September 30th, 2009 Shawn 1 comment

    I’m excited to announce that we are working directly with Queen Of Fall from Serbia, to bring their rock music to the Rock Band Network (RBN). Beautiful melodic vocals, with a nu-metal feel, Queen Of Fall will definitely be a great addition to Rock Band, and destined to be an international success story.

    We connected with Ivan from Queen Of Fall on Twitter (@QueenOfFallBand and @MyRBN) based on similar interests.  After listening to the song Regeneration only once, I knew it would be an incredible addition to RBN.

    You can join in our excitement, by listening to Regeneration:

    About Queen Of Fall from their MySpace page:

    Once upon a time (in 2003), in a little land called Serbia, there were some young people who were united by listening to good music… music that influenced to create a beautiful song called “So far away”… Back then everything in life seemed so touchable, but everything that remained was a wish to create a different kind of musical kingdom that would eventually be heard of. In our country it seemed like a mission impossible, but then we decided… “Idea will gather us and idea will scatter us…” And people became fond of our music here which gave us strength to keep walking… Even the struggle wasn’t so easy, and still continues, we emerged from falling apart from that very first idea that was born a couple of years ago… Fall is the season when you can feel your soul the most, within all its fragility and strength that was gained after a lot of falling in life… Every now and then, and especially during the fall season, we feel like all the sadness was meant only for us, like we are kings and queens of that feeling. That inspired us to write a song called “September in May” (Queen of fall), written in 2003. and we took that part of the title put in parenthesis as the name of our band. After several different line-ups we created a kingdom where Dragana, Petar, Milan, Ivan, Milan and Darko rule… We try to finish our first album that will introduce a story about a part of our kingdom, called “Desolate gardens”…

  • Innerfuze coming to RBN, Amazon, and iTunes

    Posted on September 22nd, 2009 Shawn 1 comment

    Get ready for something cool and different. Boston electronic band, Innerfuze is releasing their debut single, Blinkou on September 29 on Vermin Street records. It will be on Amazon, iTunes, and Additech. You can pre-order a 2 song single for 99 cents, at Amazon.

    More exciting, we are working with Innerfuze to bring one of their tracks, sliepovr, to the upcoming Rock Band Network.

    To take a listen to the music of Innerfuze, they are all over the web. Here’s a link to their Last.FM station.

    If you want to learn more about Innerfuze, check Eric out at

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