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  • DJ Hero now under $80

    Posted on December 8th, 2009 Shawn No comments

    GuitarHeroStore has DJ Hero (PS3, Xbox 360 & Wii) for $79 after using coupon code DJHPP1 with free shipping. If you didn’t get in on the Cyber Monday deal for $85, well, you lucked out.  This is $40 off the current retail price. This deal is pretty incredible. I haven’t picked it up yet, but this is incredibly tempting.

    Also you can purchase the PS2 version for $64 shipped.

    If you already have your hands on DJ Hero, please leave us a comment below and tell us what you think about the game.

  • Band Hero Gets Boxed, Priced, Dated

    Posted on September 9th, 2009 Shawn 3 comments

    Guitar Hero 5 has only been in stores for 9 days. Hell, The Beatles: Rock Band has only been in stores for (at most) nine hours. Now, we get the box art, pricing , and availability of the next in an onslaught of music games. In comes Band Hero, which really is just the next addition to the Guitar Hero series. It is expected to be the exact same game play as Guitar Hero 5, using the same guitar/drum peripherals, including the new Party Play mode, and other updates. The difference will be a more family friendly set list, and friendlier graphics / avatars.

    From Amazon:

    This November, family and friends will come together to ascend the virtual stage and rock their way to superstardom with Band Hero. Brought to you by the makers of Guitar Hero, one of the best-selling video game franchises of all time, Band Hero features the hottest chart-topping hits from everyone’s favorite acts including Taylor Swift, Lily Allen, The All-American Rejects and Jackson 5. Headlined by some of the biggest names in music as in-game artists and playable characters, Band Hero is the ultimate party game where players of all ages will be able to experience the signature, easy-to-learn but difficult-to-master Guitar Hero gameplay. Band Hero allows fans to create the band they always dreamed of using any combination of guitar or drum controllers and vocals, providing rockers and performers of all ages the chance to experience and interact with their favorite music. Music sensation Taylor Swift joins forces with Band Hero for the ultimate family music gaming experience! Taylor Swift, global music sensation and best selling artist of 2008, will ascend an all-new virtual stage this November in Band Hero. Budding music stars, their families and friends, will all live their musical fantasy on the Band Hero stage, playing as Taylor Swift or alongside the singer/songwriter and guitarist, as she performs her smash-hits “Love Story” and “You Belong With Me” from her latest album Fearless as well as “Picture to Burn” from her self-titled debut record. “Anything that encourages people to pick up an instrument and play, I’m fully behind. And, I’m really excited about Band Hero, because not only are fans getting to play my songs, but I’m actually in the game,” said Swift. “There are so many awesome things that go into being in Band Hero, like getting to customize my band to look like my touring band, and it’s so cool for people to feel like they are experiencing one of my concerts. This is one of the closest things out there to going to see me perform!”

    Band Hero will be available for every console (Xbox 360, Wii, PS3, PS2) and Nintendo DS. You can pre-order it now through our amazon links, ranging in price from $39.99 – $59.99.

  • 5 Days Until Guitar Hero 5. Excited?

    Posted on August 25th, 2009 Shawn 7 comments

    September 1 is coming up fast. That’s the day Activision releases the next addition to the Guitar Hero franchise. This time around, it’s less of a “let’s charge $60 for new songs and last years game technology”, and more pushing the boundaries of what rhythm games can do.

    So, have you pre-ordered the game? Are you planning on picking it up next week? What are you excited for?

    Some of the new features of GH5, include:

    • Software compatible with Guitar Hero World Tour peripherals.
    • In the all-new Party Play mode, players can now jump in or drop out of gameplay seamlessly, without interrupting their jam session.
    • Play with any in-game instrument combination in any game mode – multiple vocalists, guitarists, bassists and drummers.
    • Features new in-game artists and rock legends, including Johnny Cash, Carlos Santana and Shirley Mason from Garbage.
    • The entire 85 song set list is available from the beginning of the game.

    I’m most excited about the Party Play mode. It’s not something that a hard core player would be focused on, but when you have a get together, and casual players (or non-gamers) show up, the new mode should make for some fun playing.

    Don’t forget, Amazon still has the amazing deal, that includes GH5, GH: Van Halen, $10 in MP3s, $10 off your next game, and FREE shipping…all for $59.99 ($49.99 on PS2)

  • Every Music Game You Could Ever Want

    Posted on August 19th, 2009 Shawn 2 comments

    Here’s a single location to pick up every music game that’s available (and at some of the cheapest prices). I’ve got Rock Band (old, new, track packs, you name it), Guitar Hero (5, 4, 3, 2, 1, blast off!), singing games, dancing games, brutal killing games. It’s all here and easily linked over to our Amazon store.

    The link will take you to all the available platforms (Xbox 360, Wii, PS3, PS2, PSP, and DS). If you are in the market, buy from our links and support the blog. If you are not in the market, look in awe at how many music related games are available. It’s staggering. Let me know if I missed something.

    Band Games (Rock Band, Guitar Hero, Rock Revolution)

    Dance Games

    Karaoke Games

    Handheld Games

    Brutal Legend 🙂

    DJ Games

  • Billy Joe, “We’re doing a whole Green Day Rockband”

    Posted on June 8th, 2009 Shawn 4 comments

    There is now audio on the web, thanks to Green Day was in studio and asked about Rock Band. (Listen to part 5, around the 6:45 mark). You’ll hear “Soon…this year soon.”

    To make it more interesting, moderators on the Rock Band forums, have shut down a post about this rumor. Hmm, it’s starting to look a bit more legit.

    I’m confident that with the previous rumor news and this interview, we will definitely see Green Day on Rock Band before the end of the year. Will it be a full blown Green Day game? Will it be a track pack? Will it be DLC? Dunno. With the rumors of more than a dozen Green Day songs, and Guitar Hero’s success (yes, I said Guitar Hero) selling at retail, I will make a prediction right here and now.

    There will be a Green Day track pack sold at retail outlets (possibly Wal-Mart exclusive) of approximately 18 Green Day songs from across their catalog. It will cost $39.99, and be available for all current generation systems (including PS2). It will be playable standalone, with Xbox Live achievements, and run on the Rock Band 2 engine. There will not be Green Day characters in the game, as it will use the standard Rock Band characters. All songs will be importable into Rock Band 1 and 2. Final piece of the prediction, I will be pre-ordering it from whatever retailer gets the exclusive on it.

  • More Country Headed to Rock Band, July 21

    Posted on May 12th, 2009 Shawn No comments

    Rock Band DLC UpdateOk, I know we have at least one country fan on this here blog. So, here y’all go. More country making its way to Rock Band this summer.

    This is something interesting to look at:
    1. Country must be more popular than the naysayers think, since this will be the third pack for the game. I can’t imagine Harmonix would take the time/effort to chart these songs if they weren’t selling.
    2. It’s a Track Pack (i.e. stand-alone disc), not DLC. Don’t fret, most of it is already available on DLC, plus The Gambler makes its way to DLC soon after the retail release.
    3. Still making games for the PS2. That thing’ll never die.
    4. Can be imported to Xbox 360 and PS3, which makes it a typical Track Pack.
    5. Still now Wii love for imports. Sorry Wii’zers.

    Most important and to be repeated, The Gambler makes it in! Welcome Kenny Rogers.

    Here’s the announcement from the desk of HMXHenry.

    Default Rock Band Country Track Pack Announcement


    Kenny Chesney, Alan Jackson, Rascal Flatts, Kenny Rogers, Shania Twain and More Join the Rock Band Platform July 21, 2009

    Cambridge, MA – May 12, 2009 — Harmonix, the leading developer of music-based games, and MTV Games, a part of Viacom’s MTV Networks, (NYSE: VIA, VIA.B), along with distribution partner Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ: ERTS), today announced plans for a July 21, 2009 North American release of Rock Band™ Country Track Pack™ for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, PLAYSTATION®3 and PlayStation®2 computer entertainment systems, and Wii™ system from Nintendo.

    “Rock Band loves country music too, and these tracks are among the most fun to play of any we’ve released to date,” said Paul DeGooyer, Senior Vice President of Electronic Games & Music for MTV Networks Music Group. “We’ve received a ton of requests from fans to bring more country to the game, and our artist partners responded. We’re very excited to be able to offer this set, featuring some of the greatest songs ever recorded.”

    Rock Band Country Track Pack is a standalone software product that allows owners of Rock Band® and Rock Band®2 to keep the party going with 21 songs from an outstanding mix of country artists, including Kenny Chesney, Alan Jackson, Shania Twain, Rascal Flatts and the legendary Kenny Rogers. Many of the tracks will be exclusive to the Rock Band Country Track Pack disc for a limited time before joining the Rock Band® Music Store as downloadable content. Additional artists and songs from the track list will be announced in the coming months.

    In addition, Rock Band Country Track Pack, like all Rock Band software, is compatible with all Rock Band instrument controllers, as well as most Guitar Hero® and other current third party video game instrument controllers.

    Fans who buy the Rock Band Country Track Pack for Xbox 360 and PLAYSTATION 3 system can play directly from the disc or download the songs onto their consoles’ hard drives through a free offer with Xbox LIVE® online entertainment network or the PlayStation®Network. Once downloaded, the songs will automatically appear in the player’s custom Rock Band library and can be integrated into setlists and played in all game modes. With more than 660 tracks available in the Rock Band music catalogue and regular releases of downloadable content every week, Rock Band Country Track Pack is yet another way music-lovers can continue to expand and customize their music libraries.

    First Confirmed Songs for ROCK BAND COUNTRY TRACK PACK:

    Artist – Song – Title
    1. Alan Jackson – Good Time
    2. Brooks & Dunn – Hillbilly Deluxe
    3. Dierks Bentley – Free & Easy (Down the Road I Go)
    4. Dixie Chicks – Sin Wagon
    5. Drive-By Truckers – 3 Dimes Down
    6. Jason Aldean – She’s Country
    7. Kenny Chesney – She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy
    8. Kenny Rogers – The Gambler
    9. Lucinda Williams – Can’t Let Go
    10. Martina McBride – This One’s For the Girls
    11. Rascal Flatts – Me and My Gang
    12. Shania Twain – Any Man of Mine
    13. Steve Earle – Satellite Radio

    Price: $29.99 MSRP

    The Rock Band franchise is the ultimate platform for music fans and gamers to interact with music like never before. The game challenges players to put together a band and tour for fame and fortune – all while learning to master lead/bass guitar, drums and vocals. Featuring the most master recordings of any music game ever by the world’s biggest rock artists, the Rock Band music catalogue includes tracks that span every genre of rock, ranging from alternative and classic rock, to heavy metal and punk.

    Rock Band™ Country Track Pack™ is rated “E10+” for Everyone 10+ with a descriptor of Lyrics by the ESRB. Rock Band and Rock Band 2 are currently available for Xbox 360, PLAYSTATION 3 and PlayStation 2 systems and Wii.

  • Guitar Hero World Tour….$70 off Retail

    Posted on March 16th, 2009 Shawn No comments

    Have you been hemming-and-hawing over buying Guitar Hero World Tour? Is it too expensive for you? Do you already have Rock Band 2 and not sure if GHWT will be as good?

    Get ready to find a reason to buy the GHWT Complete Band Kit. Our Amazon store has it on all consoles for $119.98 ($118.98 on PS2). UPDATED That’s 70% $70 off the retail price of $189.99. That’s an incredible price.

    You get the new Guitar Hero drum kit (compatible with Rock Band 2 and Guitar Hero: Metallica), the new Guitar Hero guitar, a wired microphone, and the Guitar Hero World Tour game. It works out to less than $30 per component.

    I got the GHWT Complete Band Kit a couple months ago when Circuit City had their clearance sale. I got it for $151, and was happy with the price. This price point is just incredible, especially since buying the drums separately is $100. If you are thinking about it, hurry up before they are gone. It’s a one-day only deal!

    If you want my opinion of this set, here you go:
    * Drums: They are so much better than the Rock Band 1 drums. Nice to play on (and play fine for Rock Band 2). Quite with good bounce. Works awesome for GHWT, though the layout for Rock Band 2 takes a little getting used too. Kick pedal does not attach to kit, so if not on carpet can slide around. Drums have midi-out, so you can easily connect a real electronic drum kit to play on.
    * Guitar: Haven’t used it yet.
    * Mic: Looks just like the Rock Band mic, but seems to be more responsive than the Rock Band mic.
    * Game: Great set list. Awesome sound, very good background graphics. Decent foreground graphics. Vocal tracking is great and realistic (in my opinion). Drum charting is not as good as Rock Band; I’ve played a few undercharted songs on the drums and that is disappointing. I love singing on GHWT, but don’t love drumming. I’m not a guitar expert, so I can’t give a good opinion on that.

  • AC/DC Officially coming to Rock Band…via retail, not DLC

    Posted on September 30th, 2008 Shawn 2 comments

    Ok, some awesome (and not-so awesome) news outta the Harmonix camp today.  Joystiq and New York Times are reporting that 18 AC/DC songs from their Live at Donnington DVD will be released for Rock Band in early November.  Sweet, yes (Scott you must be running out to buy your Xbox 360 now) .  It will be available for all platforms.  But there’s a catch.  It’s a Track Pack (AC/DC LIVE: Rock Band Track Pack).  Do you know what that means?

    That means, it’s not downloadable content, it’s a new disc.  Why, why why?  Why would you make Xbox 360 and PS3 users buy another Rock Band disc?  Everyone is crapping on what Activision has down with the Guitar Hero series (i.e. Guitar Hero III, Guitar Hero Aerosmith, Guitar Hero World Tour, Guitar Hero Metallica (rumor), Guitar Hero Hendrix (rumor).  All on seperate discs….too much media and too much cost.

    I have no problems paying $30 for some solid AC/DC.  I am very excited for this content.  But, I really don’t want to use another disc.  Please make it DLC for 360 and PS3 users.

    I hope at worst case, we only need to insert the disc once and copy the tracks to our 360.

    Ok, let me turn the tables for one minute.  Now, we know that Rock Band DLC generally consists of just the music and charts, but doesn’t contain any new arenas, charaters, instruments or clothing.  If this track pack gave us something more than just 18 AC/DC songs, such as the actual Donnington arena and possibly some Angus Young clothing or a Gibson SG (Angus’ guitar) for our characters….that would be very cool.  Though, all this could (and should) still be made as DLC.

    Rant over.  What say you?  Are you craving some AC/DC?  Will to treck to your local Wal-Mart (or other retailer of choice) and pick this up?

    UPDATE1: The content from the disc will be importable to Rock Band and Rock Band 2 for 360 and PS3 users.  So, that means you will only have to use the disc one time.

    UPDATE2: It’s going to be $40 for 360 and PS3.  I think that’s a bit pricey for only 18 songs.  Even by XBox Marketplace full price of $2 a download standards, this is overpriced.  I’m likely to hold off until there is a clearance sale, if that’s going to be the price.  You?

  • Guitar Hero: World Tour — Full Set List!

    Posted on September 12th, 2008 Shawn No comments

    Houston, we have a problem….or more like a conflict of interest.  The Neversoft guys officially (I think) unveiled the Guitar Hero World Tour set list today.  And, three things:

    1. It’s got some GREAT stuff on it.
    2. It’s 2 bigger than Rock Band 2, yes 86 songs.
    3. There’s a crap load of Rock Band, Rock Band DLC, and Rock Band 2 duplicates.

    The entire list after the jump.  So, what say you on the announcement?

    Guitar Hero World Tour – set list

    311 – “Beautiful Disaster” *
    30 Seconds To Mars – “The Kill” *
    Airbourne – “Too Much Too Young”
    The Allman Brothers Band – “Ramblin’ Man” *
    Anouk – “Good God”
    The Answer – “Never Too Late” *
    At The Drive-In – “One Armed Scissor”
    Beastie Boys – “No Sleep Till Brooklyn”
    Beatsteaks – “Hail to the Freaks”
    Billy Idol – “Rebel Yell”
    Black Label Society – “Stillborn”
    Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – “Weapon of Choice”
    blink-182 – “Dammit”
    Blondie – “One Way or Another”
    Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band – “Hollywood Nights”
    Bon Jovi – “Livin’ On A Prayer”
    Bullet For My Valentine – “Scream Aim Fire”
    Coldplay – “Shiver”
    Creedence Clearwater Revival – “Up Around The Bend”
    The Cult – “Love Removal Machine”
    Dinosaur Jr. – “Feel The Pain”
    The Doors – “Love Me Two Times”
    Dream Theater – “Pull Me Under” *
    The Eagles – “Hotel California”
    The Enemy – “Aggro”
    Filter – “Hey Man, Nice Shot” *
    Fleetwood Mac – “Go Your Own Way” *
    Foo Fighters – “Everlong”
    The Guess Who – “American Woman”
    Hush Puppies – “You’re Gonna Say Yeah!”
    Interpol – “Obstacle 1”
    Jane’s Addiction – “Mountain Song” *
    Jimi Hendrix – “Purple Haze (Live)”
    Jimi Hendrix – “The Wind Cries Mary”
    Jimmy Eat World – “The Middle” *
    Joe Satriani – “Satch Boogie” *
    Kent – “Vinternoll2”
    Korn – “Freak On A Leash” *
    Lacuna Coil – “Our Truth”
    Lenny Kravitz – “Are You Gonna Go My Way”
    Linkin Park – “What I’ve Done”
    The Living End – “Prisoner of Society”
    Los Lobos – “La Bamba”
    Lost Prophets – “Rooftops (A Liberation Broadcast)”
    Lynyrd Skynyrd – “Sweet Home Alabama (Live)” * A95
    Mars Volta – “L’Via L’Viaquez”
    MC5’s Wayne Kramer – “Kick Out The Jams”
    Metallica – “Trapped Under Ice”
    Michael Jackson – “Beat It”
    Modest Mouse – “Float On”
    Motörhead – “Overkill”
    Muse – “Assassin”
    Negramaro – “Nuvole e Lenzuola”
    Nirvana – “About a Girl (Unplugged)”
    No Doubt – “Spiderwebs”
    NOFX – “Soul Doubt” *
    Oasis – “Some Might Say”
    Ozzy Osbourne – “Crazy Train”
    Ozzy Osbourne – “Mr. Crowley”
    Paramore – “Misery Business”
    Pat Benatar – “Heartbreaker”
    R.E.M. – “The One I Love” *
    Radio Futura – “Escuela De Calor”
    Rise Against – “Re-Education Through Labor” *
    Sex Pistols – “Pretty Vacant”
    Silversun Pickups – “Lazy Eye”
    Smashing Pumpkins – “Today”
    Steely Dan – “Do It Again” *
    Steve Miller Band – “The Joker”
    Sting – “Demolition Man (Live)”
    The Stone Roses – “Love Spreads” *
    Stuck In The Sound – “Toy Boy”
    Sublime – “Santeria”
    Survivor – “Eye of the Tiger”
    System of a Down – “B.Y.O.B.”
    Ted Nugent – “Stranglehold” *
    Ted Nugent’s Original Guitar Duel Recording *
    Tokio Hotel – “Monsoon”
    Tool – “Parabola”
    Tool – “Schism”
    Tool – “Vicarious”
    Trust – “Antisocial” *
    Van Halen – “Hot for Teacher”
    Willie Nelson – “On The Road Again” *
    Wings – “Band on the Run” *
    Zakk Wylde’s Original Guitar Duel Recording *

  • Are You Ready for Rock Band 2?

    Posted on September 8th, 2008 Shawn No comments

    UPDATE: Don’t forget, you can get all your RB2 goodness at our hosted Rock Band Radio LIVE! station.

    This morning I took a few minutes to peruse my MP3 library and determine how many of the upcoming 84 tracks on Rock Band 2 (RB2) I already own.  Well, I have 33 of them (including We Got The Beat).  More than 1/3 of all the songs on the RB2 disc, not bad.  Also, 9 of the RB2 songs are rare songs (i.e. bonus songs) that most people are likely to have never heard.  Remove those rarities and I have 44% of the on-disc tracks.

    I’m pretty well decently prepared to get my drumming and singing on.  Knowing me, I will probably purchase the MP3’s for all the songs (just because I like to have my music when I’m on the go).

    So, take a look at your CD’s, MP3’s, or cassette tapes (if you still roll that way).  How many tracks from the Rock Band 2 disc do you already own?  Will you be doing any MP3 buying in up-coming weeks, so you can have your RB2 library on the go?  (List of RB2 tracks after the jump).
    “Eye of the Tiger” Survivor
    “Float On” Modest Mouse
    “Hungry Like the Wolf” Duran Duran
    “I Was Wrong” Social Distortion
    “Livin’ on a Prayer” Bon Jovi
    “My Own Worst Enemy” Lit
    “New Kid in School” The Donnas
    “Nine in the Afternoon” Panic at the Disco
    “Psycho Killer” Talking Heads
    “Rebel Girl” Bikini Kill
    “Shooting Star” Bad Company
    “Tangled Up in Blue” Bob Dylan
    “Carry On Wayward Son” Kansas
    “Cool for Cats” Squeeze
    “Give It Away” Red Hot Chili Peppers
    “Go Your Own Way” Fleetwood Mac
    “Hello There” Cheap Trick
    “Man in the Box” Alice in Chains
    “Pretend We’re Dead” L7
    “Rock’n Me” Steve Miller Band
    “So What’cha Want” Beastie Boys
    “Spirit in the Sky” Norman Greenbaum
    “That’s What You Get” Paramore
    “White Wedding (Part 1)” Billy Idol
    “Drain You” Nirvana
    “E-Pro” Beck
    “Feel the Pain” Dinosaur Jr.
    “Lazy Eye” Silversun Pickups
    “Let There Be Rock” AC/DC
    “One Way or Another” Blondie
    “Round and Round” Ratt
    “Shackler’s Revenge” Guns N’ Roses
    “Today” Smashing Pumpkins
    “We Got the Beat” The Go-Go’s
    “Where’d You Go” Mighty Mighty Bosstones
    “Alive” Pearl Jam
    “Any Way You Want It” Journey
    “Come Out and Play (Keep ‘Em Separated)” The Offspring
    “De-Luxe” Lush
    “Girl’s Not Grey” AFI
    “One Step Closer” Linkin Park
    “PDA” Interpol
    “Pump It Up” Elvis Costello
    “The Middle” Jimmy Eat World
    “Alabama Getaway” Grateful Dead
    “Alex Chilton” The Replacements
    “American Woman” The Guess Who
    “Chop Suey!” System of a Down
    “Down With The Sickness” Disturbed
    “Mountain Song” Jane’s Addiction
    “Our Truth” Lacuna Coil
    “Testify” Rage Against the Machine
    “Uncontrollable Urge” Devo
    “Almost Easy” Avenged Sevenfold
    “Aqualung” Jethro Tull
    “Bad Reputation” Joan Jett
    “Bodhisattva” Steely Dan
    “Kids in America” The Muffs
    “Lump” Presidents of the United States of America
    “Master Exploder” Tenacious D
    “Pinball Wizard” The Who
    “Ramblin’ Man” The Allman Brothers Band
    “Souls of Black” Testament
    “Spoonman” Soundgarden
    “Ace of Spades ’08” Motörhead
    “Battery” Metallica
    “Colony of Birchmen” Mastodon
    “Everlong” Foo Fighters
    “Give It All” Rise Against
    “Painkiller” Judas Priest
    “Panic Attack” Dream Theater
    “Peace Sells” Megadeth
    “Teen Age Riot” Sonic Youth
    “The Trees” (Vault Edition) Rush

    Bonus songs
    “A Jagged Gorgeous Winter” The Main Drag
    “Conventional Lover” Speck
    “Get Clean” Anarchy Club
    “Night Lies” Bang Camaro
    “Rob the Prez-O-Dent” That Handsome Devil
    “Shoulder to the Plow” Breaking Wheel
    “Supreme Girl” The Sterns
    “Visions” Abnormality
    “Welcome to the Neighborhood” Libyans

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