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  • preDevCamp Currently In Progress

    Posted on August 8th, 2009 Shawn No comments

    Gadget people, the first preDevCamp is today, worldwide. It’s an event to get the development community for Palm’s new operating system, WebOS on Palm Pre, excited and working together.
    I’m attending from home, and watching the USTEAM from the Dallas location.

    You can take a look at the full program at and see all the streams at

  • Palm Pre June 6 and Eos Available Summer 2009?

    Posted on May 18th, 2009 Shawn No comments

    UPDATE: Sprint has announced the Palm Pre will be available at Best Buy, Wal-mart, Radio Shack, and other locations on June 6.

    Some of my obsessions have been at the forefront lately, typically the likes of Rock Band, Xbox 360 deals, and BlackBerry’s. Though, the obsession that started this whole site 2 and a half years ago, seems to have gone by the wayside.

    I guess we can thank my employer for forcing BlackBerry on me, which got me obsessing on the Storm and then the Bold. Though, some news I learned over the weekend, is bringing me back to my roots.


    I live blogged the announcement of the Palm Pre back in January, and haven’t mentioned in the blogs since. Although, I am due for a Palm Pre blog post, that’s not the main reason I’m writing.

    Thanks to my friends at, I learned over the weekend that another Palm device running the new webOS is in the works. It’s called the Palm Eos, and it’s looking to be the successor to the very popular Palm Centro (running the classic Palm OS). The Eos will run the new webOS, but will retain the Treo/Centro like front facing QWERTY candy-bar design.

    It’s also been spotted as an AT&T device. Sprint will be getting the Pre.

    So, here’s what’s a killer. The Pre, announced in January without any release date…still has not been released. It’s looking like it will come out within the next 14 days, but no date has been announced.
    The Pre is a big step from the Treo and Centro, as it’s a full touchscreen, with something very different from all smartphones. It has a vertical sliding keyboard. No one knows yet if it will be a successful design, though there’s little question that the OS will be anything less than dazzling.

    But, is Palm shooting itself in the foot by taking such a long time to release the Pre, while allowing the Eos to get leaked? I think so. Now, the Treo and Centro lovers have a reason NOT to jump over to Sprint, since the Eos will likely be coming to AT&T. Also, Treo and Centro lovers now can wait a little while longer, and get that good ol’ front facing QWERTY they have grown to love.

    For me, both are exciting, though I don’t see me getting one as my everyday device, due to work restrictions. I’m sure I will be trying both out, and writing up my feedback when I get my hands on either one.

    What about you? Do we have any Palm enthusiasts left here, interested in either of these?

  • We Will Have Palm Pre in our Store

    Posted on January 15th, 2009 Shawn No comments

    We got info today that we will be selling the Palm Pre in our store, thanks to our agreement with Best Buy. There is no confirmed date or price yet.

    If you want to be notified when we will have them, leave a comment below. Once we get more details, we will send you an email with the info

  • Palm Pre running Palm webOS

    Posted on January 8th, 2009 Shawn No comments

    Just announced less than a minute ago!!! (Keep refreshing your browser for updates). Thanks

    * Gorgeous 3.1-inch, 320 x 480, multi-touch display. Extends down below into the “gesture area.” Variety of sensors.
    * EV-DO Rev. A, 802.11b/g, 8GB storage, GPS, Bluetooth stereo (A2DP). Pre is the first smartphone with TI’s latest processor — “laptop-like performance.”
    * slide-out keyboard.

    Palm Pre
    * All basic navigation is gestures — flick, tap, swipe, no buttons cluttering up the screen. Intended for one-handed usage. Somewhat familiar looking Palm launcher — three columns

    * All your changes are saved automatically — focus on what you’re trying to do, not on running programs or saving files.
    * Exchange OTA sync

    * Conversations flow between IM and SMS.
    * Real mobile web browser.
    * Multiple tabs “cards”


    * Landscape or portrait.


    * Communcation apps integrated and always running
    * Open apps resize when reminders, announcements open


    * Media player

    Media Player

    * Exclusive on Sprint. WTF!?


    * Easy development environment. Everything done with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Comment: Hell, I could build apps for Palm.

    Partners/Apps ready at release:
    * facebook
    * google
    * dataviz
    * pandora
    * aol
    * mobitv
    * yahoo
    * telenav
    * chapura
    * splashdata

  • Expecting a Disappointing Palm Announcement?

    Posted on January 7th, 2009 Shawn No comments

    Thursday, at CES, Palm will unveil something new.  From the rumormill, we hear it will be their next mobile operating system (code named: Nova) and new hardware, think Treo with a vertical sliding keyboard.  This will all happen about 24 hours from when I type this.

    As a longtime Palm fanboy, who recently transitioned to BlackBerry devices, I am hoping for the best.  Though looking back on the five years I used Palm (and PalmOne) devices, and what they had released over the years, I’m skeptical that they will blow our socks off.  I really hope they do, but am worried.

    The Treo 650 was groundbreaking (though not the first) in 2004 combining the ease-of-use of the Palm OS, the large development community, and mobile phones. The Treo 700p brought 3G speeds to the same device, but introduced so many problems that many users jumped ship.  The subsequent Treo 680 and 755p were too bulky compared to other devices on the market.  The 680 and 755p were also running the same OS that the Treo 650 and the Treo 600 from 2003 were running.  Although good, it was stale.

    Then the Foleo flop of 2007.  It was a sad day when I received a spam email from Ed Colligan (Palm CEO) stating that the “mobile companion” Foleo was scrapped just days before launch.  If marketed correctly, could have been a smash hit with the netbook (small notebook/laptop) market.  But, we’ve seen no sign of the Foleo since it’s cancellation.

    So, that left the end of 2007 with the introduction of the Centro, basically a Treo in a smaller casing.  It’s sold quite well likely due to it’s reasonable pricing.  Though still running the old OS from 2003.  As for other things Palm released in 2008, two Windows Mobile devices, Treo 800w and Treo Pro.  Both quite good hardware and software.  Though, that just makes Palm one of the many Windows Mobile hardware providers, like HTC, Samsung, Motorola, and more.
    But we still wait for the next generation of the Palm OS and a real successor to the Treo 650 lineup.  Thursday is the day.  That’s the day that all of us Palm fanboys hope for something that will absolutely dazzle us, both on the software and hardware.

    Let’s be realistic.  With the explosion of devices in the past two years, what new will Palm be able to come up with?  Let’s look at what is already in the marketplace:
    * Capacitive touchscreens (iPhone and BlackBerry Storm)
    * High (HIGH) resolution screens (Storm, Bold, iPhone, Xperia, etc)
    * Vertical sliders…well this one has not proven successful with anyone yet.
    * Great email (BlackBerry for BES, G1 for Gmail, Windows Mobile for Exchange). So, a device that could perfectly combine all email would be good.
    * Multimedia (iPhone)
    * GPS, WiFi, 3G (just about everyone)

    So Palm, dazzle us, please. I don’t know how you will, but I’m hoping you have something up your sleeve that will make millions of people jump from iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Android, Symbian, flip-phones, and the dead Palm OS to your next generation device. Make it happen.

  • Treo Pro….Are You Ready?

    Posted on August 20th, 2008 Shawn No comments

    Are you ready for Palm to make a serious comeback (albeit with a Microsoft Windows Mobile OS)? So, are you ready? I am.

    I have laid low on the rumor mill of this device, since I got bored posting rumors. Now, the Palm folks have come out [of the closet], and announced what we had heard as the Treo 850w. Palm is no longer calling their devices by numbers (i.e. the Centro).

    Here are the Treo Pro’s Specs:

    • 400Mhz CPU , but snappy response
    • 256MB ROM, 128MB RAM! (Other reports show “In use: 43.96mb, Free 57.72mb”)
    • 320*320 screen
    • GPS
    • Full Tri-band 3G, Quad-band GSM
    • 2 Megapixel camera
    • microUSB connector!
    • 3.5mm Earphone connector
    • 1500mah battery (this is looking like it might actually be true?)

    Now, I still need to figure out if work will let me put something other than a BlackBerry on the network.

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