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  • …And Then, There Were Two

    Posted on August 29th, 2008 Shawn No comments

    Last night, I made it a point to slay The Reaper. So, I got the kids to bed, my wife fired up Wii Fit in the living room, and I headed to “The Dungeon” (i.e. Rock Band on Xbox 360 in my basement) to battle the fearful Reaper.

    The battle was harsh, as The Reaper took me down ten times in a row at the dreaded “rolls of death”. Then, by mistake, I learned something amazing. When you engage overdrive, it actually builds your life meter (or whatever it’s called) back up. Did you know that? Am I the only Rock Band player that has not been using overdrive to his/her advantage?

    I found this out, by accidentally forgetting to hit the cymbal to engage overdrive right before the guitar solo. So, half way through the “rolls of death”, I got the overdrive option again. I nailed it and my red flashing sign of imminent death, went away as the power meter shot up.

    I finished the solo, made it to the end…and that was that. The Reaper was officially slayed (with 4 stars). It was an ugly battle, but I was victorious. Los Angeles was complete and I moved on to the final city on the tour, Moscow. Before calling it a night, I 96% five-starred Flirtin’ with Disaster. This is one of my favorite songs, so I know it like the back of my hand.  Dripping sweat, I emerged from The Dungeon, proud.

    Today, I took the day off to spend with my son. What a great day. Fortunately, he’s still a little guy and takes nap after lunch. So, I returned to The Dungeon to continue my solo world tour of domination.

    Now, with this new learned overdrive secret, I’ve got a power that I never new existed. I feel like a real life Link in Legend of Zelda when he get’s the power to run…I never knew what I was missing, and I’ll never look back.


    Next To You by The Police, killed it the first try. This song is actually harder on Hard than it is on Expert. Then I took on Tom Sawyer. Took me two attempts, but thanks to my new BFF, overdrive trick, I finished it…albeit only three stars (I will have to come back to this later and master it).

    Now, what remains is the dreaded Run to the Hills and Won’t Get Fooled Again. I played through both a couple times. No doubt they are hard. These will take some practice and I have 15 days left to hit my goal. Do you think I will make it?

    How about you…what goal(s) do you have before RB2 is released on September 14? NOTE: PS2, PS3, and Wii peoples, you have more time to think about your goals. 😉

  • TWIRB – This Week in Rock Band

    Posted on August 27th, 2008 Shawn No comments

    First up, no Rush DLC due to technical difficulties.  Something else promoised to take its place before the week is out.

    From hmxseam (Harmonix Developer):

    Rush Delay Info

    Hey everybody,Unfortunately, due to unforeseen technical difficulties, we won’t be able to release Rush’s “Moving Pictures” this week. We’ll be working on it as hard as we can, but it looks like it could be a couple of weeks to fix. In the meantime we will be moving around our schedule so we still have DLC coming out each week (including this week, info to follow in another announcement).

    Look forward to some exciting news this weekend, from PAX and elsewhere.

    Engadget gets the ION Drum Rocker.  We are jealous.

    Hands (and feet) on with ION’s Drum Rocker Rock Band Premium Drum Set

    Rock Band 2 might not be out yet, but ION was kind enough to send us the new Drum Rocker Premium Drum Set a couple weeks early. Built like a tank, this thing makes the original Rock Band drum set look like the toy it is — we’re talking aluminum tube construction that apes traditional electronic rack kits, soft trigger surfaces that register velocity, and quarter-inch connections that’ll make modding a dream. Of course, all that heft means that set-up took over an hour and it eats up just about twice as much living room space as the original with no easy way to take it down, but if you’re a hardcore fake rocker and you don’t have the DIY chops to roll your own, this is $300 you’re gonna want to spend. A couple more quick impressions after the break, and tons of pictures in the gallery.

    Update: Joystiq also got a chance to check this bad boy out, they didn’t like it quite as much as we did. Take a peek here.

    I’m still stuck on (Don’t Fear) the Reaper drums expert.  Wo is me.

  • I Fear the Reaper

    Posted on August 26th, 2008 Shawn No comments

    Tonight started as a good night for Rock Band.  Fired up the 360 hoping to finish out Los Angeles drums on Expert and move onto the final city in the solo tour.  I had four songs to get through to make this happen: Cherub Rock, Enter Sandman, Highway Star, and (Don’t Fear) the Reaper.

    I knocked the Cherub and Sandman out of the park.  Highway Star surprisingly was easier than I had anticipated.  All three songs I either 4 or 5 starred the first time through.  I was on fire, right?  Wrong! Then I tried the Reaper.  Overall, easy song…then the break/bridge in the middle.  Freakin’ impossible.  I failed at 63% three times in a row.  Then spent the next 30 minutes practicing that part, and could only get 83% in practice mode.

    So I figured I’d cool off and play some online quick band.  Played some Coheed, some Dirty Little Secret, and something else.  Played well, all was good.  Time to slay that Reaper.  Nope.

    It wasn’t meant to be tonight.  The Reaper reamed me a new one.  I called it a night with some Cars DLC to cool off and that was that.  One song remains on L.A. and I hang my head low tonight as the Reaper beat me.

    I’ll get you next time Reaper, next time!

    BTW, did anyone notice that the Rush DLC still isn’t available?  It’s 10:30 pm ET.  What happened Harmonix?

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