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  • What’s MyGGGo Doing?

    Posted on January 26th, 2012 Shawn No comments

    Hey, if you are reading this….thanks and why?

    Months have gone by, many months. No Rock Band news or rants. No updates on my gadget obsessions. No shameless plugs for online deals to support our sponsors. Nuthin! So what gives?

    Our first four years were very active (2007-2010), with multiple writers and sometimes many articles per day. (Remember, we run this site pro bono, make gilch, for free). Well not entirely true. It cost us money to keep it running. We do on a very rare occasion make a coin or two if you check out our sponsor links or buy from one of our Amazon links.

    2011 had a turn (not for the worse, no one died or anything), just a turn. Shawn started a side-project in the smartphone security space (of course MyGGGo was already a side-project). He also started another side-project developing technical training courses. And finally started another side-project playing drums in a couple bands. Oops…I think that’s 3 too many side-projects.

    Where are all the other writers from MyGGGo? They have faded into their lives, and we haven’t worked at replacing them. Our bad.

    MyGGGo has suffered. I can’t say 2012 will return us to previous levels, but here’s a first ditch effort. Coming this week, will be our new feature, known as App-A-Day.

    Since we have literally hundreds of apps (from business to games to time wasters) for many platforms, We are bringing (sexy) back all three G’s to MyGGGo (Gadget, Game, and Gizmo Obsession) with this new feature. We will have a standard format for App-A-Day and will walk through the details of an app, the good, the bad, the malicious, the free, the ridiculously expensive.

    Get ready for stuff from the Android Market, iOS App Store, Mac App Store, Chrome Apps, Xbox 360 games, Xbox 360 Dashboard apps, BlackBerry apps, Wii games. We will go all over the map. Why the whole map, well we actually use them all.

    Join us later this week for the first real blast-o-news for 2012 with App-A-Day. If you have any preference of platform, type of app, or a specific app you’d like us to highlight on App-A-Day, drop us a line below.

  • Rock Band 3 Midi PRO-Adapter for just $25

    Posted on August 1st, 2011 Shawn No comments

    It’s on NOW! Amazon just started a Lightning Deal of the Rock Band 3 MIDI PRO Adapter for only $25. These are the adaptors which allow real electronic drum kits, real keyboards, and the Fender Squier (designed for Rock Band 3) to be connected to your console for your rocking pleasure.
    Here’s the link. Go now, get yourself some PRO adapters and rock out.

    Rock Band 3 MIDI PRO Adapter

    Original Tweet from Amazon: “Morning all…at 10am PST, get the Rock Band 3 Midi PRO-Adapter (all platforms) for just $25.”

  • Xbox 360 Rock Band 3 MIDI Adapters Shipping January 20

    Posted on January 17th, 2011 Shawn 3 comments

    The latest news in the saga of Rock Band 3 hardware availability is now here.

    Mad Catz, the company producing the official peripherals, has announced GameShark is now accepting pre-orders for the XBOX 360 MIDI PRO adapter, which is scheduled to ship January 20.

    Xbox 360 MIDI PRO-Adapter Pre-Orders now OPEN – GameShark Store US

    Exciting news! The US GameShark Store is now taking pre-orders on the Rock Band 3 MIDI Adapter for the Xbox 360:
    Adapter orders will begin shipping out next Thursday, 1/20 from the US GameShark Store. Demand is expected to be high, so don’t miss out on your chance to order the MIDI Pro-Adapter.

    For those who pre-ordered from other retail outlets, those locations are also expected to receive limited supply and hopefully begin shipments simultaneously. Needless to say, there still looks to be higher demand than availability. The eBay pricing of $100 for these $30-$40 adapters is a tell tale sign. Do not expect the supply to be available on store shelves for several more weeks, or longer.

    UPDATE 1/24/2011: Mad Catz has updated their Rock Band forum post, stating all Amazon pre-orders will be filled this week.

  • Xbox 360 Rock Band 3 MIDI PRO Adapters in January

    Posted on January 11th, 2011 Shawn 1 comment

    Rock Band 3 players expecting to use their non-Rock Band keyboards and electronic drums in the game, are currently steaming at the fact the game has been out for more than two and a half months, and the adapter to allow this functionality still is not available. Fortunately, PlayStation 3 and Wii players were able to get their hands on them earlier this week at Best Buy and a couple online/brick-n-mortar retailers. Though, Xbox 360 players are still without (except for a handful of fortunate souls).

    Mad Catz, the company producing the official peripherals has made a press announcement regarding the Xbox 360 version of this adapter, and it looks like positive news. I hope what they state is accurate, since Mad Catz had a very difficult time “under promising and over delivering” the hardware for Rock Band 3’s launch.

    If what Mad Catz is now stating is accurate, Xbox 360 players should start seeing retail availability by the end of January. I sure hope 4,000 adapters is enough to meet immediate demand. I plan on getting two myself.

    Read on for the Mad Catz press release. Read the rest of this entry »

  • Slacker Radio gets On-Demand

    Posted on January 6th, 2011 Shawn No comments

    My favorite online streaming music service is Slacker Radio. If you are unaware of Slacker, think of Pandora or Last.FM.  I believe the Slacker offering has the best user interface, a great selection of music, nice free (and relatively cheap paid) offerings, and was the first to offer on-device mobile applications with caching of music for offline use. I have my custom Rock Band Radio station over there too.

    Today, at CES, the folks at Slacker announced the next generation of their web-based and mobile applications.  Most of it has been expected for a while, but good to see that they are pushing the marketing on it. Let’s get into the announcement.

    This news comes to us from Hypebot and ZatzNotFunny who had a chance to interview folks at Slacker.

    SOURCE: zatznotfunny.comPremium Radio

    This has been quietly announced on for many months.  This is a paid offering allowing users to select any song in the Slacker library on-demand for immediate listening.  I have heard that this paid offering will cost users a scary $9.99 per month, which is an extremely expensive cost in my opinion.  This new offering will compete immediately with Zune Pass, Rhapsody, Napster, and similar services.  It could also compete with iTunes and Amazon’s download services.

    Read the rest of this entry »

  • 12 Different Guitar/Bass Charts in Rock Band 3 Songs

    Posted on December 7th, 2010 Shawn No comments

    Rock Band 3 Pro GuitarHaving just listened to the bi-weekly Official Rock Band Podcast, I learned that for every song in Rock Band 3 with Pro Guitar/Bass parts, there are 12 different charts. This is different from previous Rock Band (and other rhythm games) which typically have only 4 charts (Easy, Medium, Hard, and Expert).

    With Rock Band 3, you get the traditional 5-button charts for Easy, Medium, Hard, and Expert. These are these four charts we’ve grown to love over the years. As we learned with Rock Band 3, the new Pro mode brings in a new set of charts for real (stringed and/or midi guitars). What we didn’t know until today’s podcast is laid out below…

    The Fender Mustang controller, is a button-based MIDI controller, which is made up of 17 frets and 102 buttons. The upcoming Fender Squier Stratocaster stringed controller, is made up of 22 frets and 6-strings.

    The difference comes in the additional 5 frets found on the Squier. Songs that are played in the higher fret space will take advantage of the additional 5 frets on the Squier, whereas those same songs played on the Mustang will be modified for a 17 fret version.

    In essence, there are two entirely different Pro modes for Rock Band 3. One for 17 fret guitars and another for 22 fret guitars. With four difficulty modes across each, there actually are eight sets of Pro mode charts for guitar (and another eight for bass).

    This may not be the case for every song, as some songs don’t utilize the frets above #17. In that case, the two Pro modes will be identical.

    To tally it up, Rock Band 3 has 12 charts for every song on guitar and 12 charts for every song on bass. That is an insane amount of work by Harmonix (and soon Rock Band Network creators) to deliver a single Pro song, and well worth the 99 cents for the upgrade.

    To hear the podcast, go to:

  • Another Day, Another Date..Rock Band 3 MIDI Adapter

    Posted on November 24th, 2010 Shawn No comments

    It looks like we have yet another potential release date for the Rock Band 3 MIDI adapter, by Mad Catz. (See my multiple earlier posts about other dates.) As I was trolling around today, I stumbled on the upcoming release page, which had the adapter listed.

    This time, we get December 20 as the listed date.  To continue the confusion, if you click into any of the links to pre-order, the detail pages still say December 26.

    One thing is for certain, there was some major disconnect with the distribution and communication with retail. Multiple dates have been listed, come & gone, online pre-orders failing upon checkout, and other oddities.

  • Black Friday Starts Now!

    Posted on November 22nd, 2010 Shawn No comments

    Many retailers are getting a jump on the holiday deals this year.  Take a look at what Amazon is throwing our way early.

    >>>> Black Friday deals <<<< They are here and ready to take all our money. Games, Gadgets, and Gizmos Galore!

    Lightning Deals (will be gone very soon):
    Current Video Games on Sale: God of War: Collection (PS3) $10, Halo Reach (Xbox 360) $30, Fable III (Xbox 360) $30

    The deals are expected to continue through November 27. Then, of course, there’s always the weekend and Cyber Monday.  Lot’s of time to spend lot’s of money.

  • Rock Band MIDI, Delayed Until Post-Christmas

    Posted on November 20th, 2010 Shawn No comments

    I figured, I’d check on the release date status of the Rock Band 3 MIDI Adapter (by Mad Catz), which has been pushed back a couple times since the launch of the game. What I just learned, has me more than concerned.

    The MIDI adapter allows real keyboards (you know electronic piano), real electronic drums, and potentially MIDI guitars to connect to your game console (Xbox 360, PS3, Wii) for use within Rock Band 3.

    The game came out on October 26, with many (me included) expecting the MIDI adapter to be available upon launch. We quickly learned that the release date had been changed, supposedly due to all adapters being recalled to the manufacturer because of recurring sync issues. Amazon had the new release date as November 26, but Sears/Kmart had the date of November 9. As of November 9, Sears/Kmart web sites stated it was available for purchase, but when I attempted to check out, I’d got an error stating that it was not available. Also, no physical Sears/Kmart’s in the area had them in stock or knew of its existence. The Mad Catz web site has November 26 as the release date for the Xbox version, but the PS3 and Wii versions are still not dated.

    A quick check today over at Amazon, left me a bit sad. Their release date has been changed to December 26. I have faith in Amazon’s dates, which is really unfortunate if it comes true. For me, I spent time/money getting my Roland drum set with all the correct pieces in place for the “Pro Drums” experience of Rock Band 3, but have not been able to take advantage of it due to the lack of this adapter.

    I guess my New Years Eve party will rock out with my new Pro Drums setup. Until then, I will keep working on my Pro Keys skills.

  • Kinect, Great Start. Will it Continue?

    Posted on November 17th, 2010 Shawn 3 comments

    Microsoft’s motion control sensor which connects to Xbox 360’s has sold over 1 million units in its first 10 days. I’ll admit, that’s a great start. I’m still skeptical of the overall success though. Here are some of my thoughts.

    • Distance Requirements – Kinect requires a 6-10 foot distance for you to stand from the sensor, in order for it to pick up your entire body and movement. For two players, it requires more space. I can’t imagine the average living room will have this amount of available space, without relocating things like coffee tables and couches. Do you have a 20″ x 20″ 20′ x 20′ (or larger) room where you game?
    • After the Launch excitement Fades – Once the reviewers stories and fanboys excitement calms down, what will the average consumer think about this peripheral? Sure, it looks fun, but so does the Wii. Sure, you can control beautiful games with your body, but so does the Wii (sort of). Yes, the Wii sold many millions of units, but will another similar device grab that audience again.
    • Return Rate – When people try Kinect, what will people do when/if they realize it doesn’t work in their small house? Will they shelve it (like many Wii users did), or will they return it and spend their $150 on something else?
    • Price – At $150 – $200, this add-on peripheral is not cheap. Makes sense, there’s some very impressive technology inside. Plus, it does include the game Kinect Adventures (a typical game of mini games). Kinect is not an impulse buy for the average consumer, due to it’s price and requirement of an Xbox 360. Will it sell to the masses at this price?

    I do see some great potential uses of Kinect, outside of the obvious (Wii like) mini games and exercise games.

    • Achievements – This is for the Xbox hard core gamer. So, not something the casual player will really care about. But, it could draw me (an Xbox and Wii owner) away from the Wii games and over to similar Kinect games.
    • Audio Controls – The ability to control movies, music, and other system navigation via voice commands is quite appealing. I’ve learned that Netflix is not yet supported, though expect that to be remedied with a software update.
    • Video / Audio Chat – Like having the old Xbox Live Camera, Kinect can allow video over Xbox Live and (I believe) via PC too. Plus, it can be used as an ambient microphone for party voice chats. Again, this is appealing for a rhythm game player, who is restricted by wires coming out of drums/guitars.

    By the way, all versions of Kinect are currently sold out at Amazon!

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