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    Thanks for visiting My Gadget, Game & Gizmo Obsession

    This is a site of non-paid, obsessed people and their passions.  While we are doing the rest of our lives, we write about things that matter to us and put them up here for you to enjoy.  The only way we keep this going is by your readership.  If you come, we will continue to write.  Thanks.

    Chief Executive Blogger

    Starting in 1999, as a place to experiment with Java code (just completing a programming course on the subject), Shawn evolved this site into a marketing tool for his Web/Java development freelance business. Around 2004, he stopped the Java marketing and waited for a new idea…

    After being completely obsessed with his first gadget (a Palm Treo 650) he started this blog to document his obsession.  Now evolved into several additional obsessions and migrated away from purely a Treo blog, Shawn continues to jot down things that keep him awake at night, and from completing daily tasks.

    Lot’s of time rocking on Rock Band with family and friends, his two kids are getting better at the game than him (and both are under the age of 4).  Both drums and vocals, they have it figured out.  They are also dominating in Wii Fit too.

    From a mobile perspective, he runs the gamut from Palm, with Windows Mobile, to interests in iPhone, and now BlackBerry.  He researches every device from hardware details to every bit of software available.  He’s a heavy consumer user and a heavy business user, plus also a software hacker and occasional coder. Now realizing that BlackBerry is based on Java development…he’s thinking that it’s time to start playing with app development on that arena.

    Assistant (to the) Regional Manager
    The Assistant is generally credited with laying the foundations of the CEB’s Rock Band addiction.  An avid gamer…err check that….an avid sports game, clancy game, and occassional shoot ’em up gamer, Pabel discovered this crazy little thing called Guitar Hero and the ultimate apex known as the Rock Band platform.  Upon this initial discovery and subsequent indoctrination of the CEB, a series of emails, links, and instant messages evolved into “hey…let’s start writing about this stuff on my blog”.  The rest is history….

    On the mobile front, Pabel is relatively new to the smartphone game (Feb. 2007).  He’s owned a BB Pearl and Curve, and is currently rolling with an iPhone.  In the short amount of time that “data plan” has been in his life, he’s determined to never go back and constantly stay on the look-out for the next great thing in the mobile arena.

    Party President
    Simon’s Rock Band addiction began at his staff’s 2007 Christmas party when his co-worker brought the game for all to play. The first attempted song was Ok Go’s “Here it Goes Again” (he caught the Pixies reference immediately) on medium. It was an instant hit and Simon was hopelessly and forever addicted to the slowly falling gems and note tracks, the music, the avatars, the lights and the stage. He’d seen Guitar Hero before but it wasn’t until the addition of drums and vocals that he saw the potential for a new pastime. It puts him in a trance. He has not been seen much outdoors since then. Simon plays on expert, and enjoys playing the drums as his first choice, but is proficient at any instrument and is happy to spend the whole party on vocals if necessary. Simon plays on the ION Drum Rocker, RockPedal.Com pedal and Vic Firth sticks.

    Simon also plays other games in his spare time like Left 4 Dead, Fallout 3, Oblivion and Fable 2, and tries to play a game every single day. His wife is also a gaming fanatic, and the two of them can usually be found on the couch in the throes of battle, holding back the zombie horde. When he’s not gaming, he owns and operates a small software company on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada and also enjoys cooking. And killing zombies.

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