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  • Rock Band 4 Announced, Coming in 2015

    Posted on March 5th, 2015 Shawn No comments

    Rock Band 4


    Just moments ago, Harmonix made the official announcement that Rock Band 4 will be released for current generation consoles in 2015. Some of the important news out of the announcement include:
    * your songs will transfer for no charge from your old console,
    * over 2,000 songs will carry over,
    * possibly old hardware will work on new consoles,
    * now free of MTV constraints, Harmonix is able to make Rock Band exactly what they want it to be.

    Penny Arcade Rock Band Guitar

    Some bonus news includes, a new free DLC, “I Still Believe” by Frank Turner, available now for Rock Band 3. …and for attendees of PAX East, you can pre-order a Penny Arcade Rock Band guitar.

  • Snow Removal: The Game

    Posted on March 4th, 2015 Shawn No comments

    Kid from Florida, asks friend over Xbox Live, “What games did you play this winter?”

    Kid from New England responds, “Well, in early January I started playing this game called Snow Removal. It’s a very small world RPG without much of a story. It’s the typical single life and a health bar kind of thing. Although the game has a crazy amount of white in it, the graphics are are as real to life as they get. Started off pretty fast with fast collection of XP, and had some basic achievements to get, Shoveling, Snow Blowing, stuff like that.
    Then the advanced levels were unexpected.

    Snow Blowing Achievment


    Right when you figured it would be more of the same, just harder, it took a real turn. Had to scrape snow off a roof before the roof collapsed. This involved getting at it from the ground, frustratingly hard, but boring. Then the real tough part was climbing on the roof either from ladders or out windows, to shovel it off. At that part, everything is so slippery and has a steep pitch, that one wrong move will lead to immediate death. It was best played in co-op. That gets you the Roof Raking achievement.

    Roof Raking Achievement - Co-op

    Roof Raking Achievement – Co-op

    But, the challenges continue, where you have to shovel, snow blow, roof rake, and other stuff, while in sub-zero temperatures. You actually have to dress your character properly, or he will get frost bite and lose health.
    What’s crazy is, I thought I’d get over this free-to-play game relatively fast. By the time March came, I was still playing….TWO months later.
    After you gain the most XP, there’s some type of Prestige mode, which basically starts you all over, just with only one bar of health. That’s where I’m at now.
    I wish this game wasn’t so addicting, but it is.
    So, what have you been playing this winter?”

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