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  • Gamerscore at 10k, Blame Rock Band?

    Posted on January 18th, 2013 Shawn No comments

    Today, less than five years after creating my Xbox Live account, I surpassed the 10000 gamerscore mark. What game was I playing at the time? Well, I will have you know it was Rock Band Blitz. How fitting for a guy (and his blog) that had a major transition 4+ years ago when getting deeply addicted to Rock Band. (The blog had the major transition, not the guy).

    In today’s post, I look at rhythm games in general, Rock Band and Harmonix specifically, and my gamerscore. Let’s find out if Rock Band had a major contribution to my gamerscore 10k mark, or if something else got me here.

    Gamerscore as of January 18, 2013: 10010

    The first game I played with my gamertag, AppleTrak, was Rock Band on April 21, 2008.

    Rock Band – Gamerscore: 455
    Rock Band

    The game was released on November 20, 2007. Friends mentioned to me a game that players can play drums with and it got me interested. As a long-time drummer, and a former obsessive gamer, I decided to jump back into gaming. After five months of hearing about this game and playing it at Best Buy occasionally, I picked up an Xbox 360 and the Rock Band bundle.

    I only got 20 of the 50 achievements before it’s successor, Rock Band 2 released. On September 15, 2008, I picked up my first Rock Band 2 achievement.

    Rock Band 2 – Gamerscore: 810
    Rock Band 2

    Earning achievements into August 2010, and regularly playing the game into February 2011, Rock Band 2 might be the game most often played in my Xbox 360 through the 4 years. 43 of the 50 achievements have been acquired. The remaining involve being a plastic guitar virtuoso, which I am not, or require 6 hours of consistent play, which ain’t gonna happen.

    Guitar Hero World Tour (aka Guitar Hero 4…the one with drums and singing) actually came out about one month before Rock Band 2. As a die hard Rock Band devotee, I did not pick up World Tour at release. I did eventually get the game bundle at a Circuit City going out of business sale, primarily because I wanted the Guitar Hero drums MIDI port for some experimenting I was doing. I had no intention of ever playing Guitar Hero World Tour. The game disc was slated to go up on eBay, but my obsession got the best of me.

    Guitar Hero World Tour – Gamerscore: 195
    Guitar Hero World Tour

    On February 17, 2009, Guitar Hero World Tour was introduced to my Xbox 360 for the first time. I played through the story once and took the disc out after unlocking Dream Theater’s Pull Me Under. That song was the primary reason I opened the game. 16 out of 50 achievements got unlocked in World Tour, and the game has not visited my Xbox 360 since October 24, 2009.

    Mixing things up a bit, Microsoft’s introduction into karaoke was too tempting to pass up. Lips came with two wireless microphones, a first of it’s kind. They were promised to work with Rock Band and Guitar Hero once those developers made an update to their games. A singing game with two mics for $40 (or so), was a steal.

    Lips – Gamerscore: 520

    Come to find out, I ended up playing Lips quite a bit, landing 27 of 70 achievements between April 2 and August 12, 2009. After that, it’s seen some casual play, even making an appearance on March 30, 2012.

    Guitar Hero 5 – Gamerscore: 195
    Guitar Hero 5

    Thanks to a sale that I just couldn’t pass up, I picked up Guitar Hero 5 on September 6, 2009, which came with a free copy of Guitar Hero: Van Halen. Less than a month later, October 3, Guitar Hero 5 would depart my Xbox 360 and has yet to see another visit. I never played all the songs, and picked up just 15 of 49 achievements.

    I can’t forget the most iconic “single band game” of all time, The Beatles: Rock Band. Releasing on 09/09/09, it’s a date to remember. It also came out days after Guitar Hero 5 and a month before Guitar Hero: Van Halen arrived. This was a squishy time for rhythm games. Too many discs.

    The Beatles: Rock Band – Gamerscore: 155
    The Beatles: Rock Band
    The most beautiful and soothing of all music games, The Beatles didn’t get enough of my time. A few achievements in 2009, couple in 2010, and one in 2011, it just was packed up against too many others. The Beatles haven’t visited my Xbox since October 25, 2011, and I should rectify that.

    Now, as for Guitar Hero: Van Halen, I was actually excited for this game. Although it’s a terrible game, and only covers the David Lee Roth era, plus never was able to export to other Guitar Hero titles, I love 1970’s and early 1980’s Van Halen music.

    Guitar Hero: Van Halen – Gamerscore: 290
    Guitar Hero: Van Halen

    Just days after seeing the last of Guitar Hero 5, Van Halen made it’s way to my Xbox, on October 10, 2009. 23 achievements and two years later, Van Halen went back on the shelf on October 9, 2011. For a game that was one of the worst selling of all time, I got my money’s worth. NOTE: The one and only red ring of death I received, occurred while playing Van Halen.

    Continuing the squishing of games into 2009, on November 10 the family friendly LEGO Rock Band arrived to become my second most achievement earning game at that point, earning 41 of 49 achievements.

    LEGO Rock Band – Gamerscore: 710
    LEGO Rock Band

    I haven’t picked up an achievement since May 23, 2010, but the game continued to make appearances until November 2011.

    Since dance games happen to fall into the “Rhythm” category, and I will be visiting a Harmonix dance game later, I guess I need to admit this one.

    HSM3 – Gamerscore: 90
    HSM3 Senior Year DANCE

    High School Musical 3 Senior Year DANCE, that is a terrible name and more terrible that I bought it. But, having an interest in trying out the Dance-Dance-Revolution craze, albeit very late, this game showed up for sale with a dance pad for $10 on March 14, 2010. By August 23, 2010 I played all I could, and boxed it back up. I cranked out a measly 9 out of 44 achievements.

    Next up is Green Day: Rock Band. Featuring every song in two of my favorite albums, this was a big hit for me. Though, the drumming parts are very difficult to play on rubber/plastic drums, more difficult than on “real” drums.

    Green Day: Rock Band – Gamerscore: 595
    Green Day: Rock Band

    Landing 30 of the 48 achievements, Green Day wins in the “single band game” category, as far as achievements goes. Although I made decent progress in the game, it has only seen four months of play time in my Xbox, making a first appearance on June 8, 2010 and it’s final encore on October 22. A combination of export capability, Van Halen, and other near released titles, made this a quick lived and gamerscore fruitful title.

    A spin-off of the Guitar Hero series, DJ Hero is up next. While waiting for the next Rock Band game to release, I picked up this game on October 10, 2010 on a whim.

    DJ Hero – Gamerscore: 325
    DJ Hero

    Although not getting a huge amount of play time, I did land 25 of the 50 achievements and it was still making appearances 18 months later, seeing it’s last play time on March 3, 2012. Though, if you look at my actual timeline, DJ Hero never got played in 2011.

    On October 26, 2010, the pinacle in rhythm games was released. Unfortunately for the industry, the genre has already began it’s slope down. Rock Band 3 arrived and continues to be a regular addition to my regular play.

    Rock Band 3 – Gamerscore: 960
    Rock Band 3

    The latest achievement I gained, came in on March 15, 2012 where I currently have 51 out of 62. Rock Band 3 exceeds all other games (rhythm or not) in gamerscore and achievements I have earned. That last time this game was played was….today.

    Finding a way to keep rhythm games going, the controller-based Rock Band Blitz arrived on August 31, 2012.

    Rock Band Blitz – Gamerscore: 310
    Rock Band Blitz

    Along with it’s big brother Rock Band 3, I continue to play Blitz on a regular basis. The latest achievement came in…yesterday, claiming me 23 of the 30 total achievements.

    Microsoft tempted me again on December 13, 2012 with another karaoke game, titled Karaoke. Thus far, only three days of use, has landed me 9 of 30 achievements.

    Karaoke – Gamerscore: 70

    I could see this pay-as-you-play game getting some use at upcoming parties, if we can pull ourselves away from Rock Band 3.

    The latest entry is Harmonix’ latest game, Dance Central 3. I argue that dance games are not my thing, but yet here we are.

    Dance Central 3 – Gamerscore: 35
    Dance Central 3

    I have not played Dance Central 1 or 2, but figured I’d check this title out a couple months after its release. Starting it on Christmas Day 2012, I’ve only picked up the first 3 achievements. Let’s see if I keep interest in this one.

    That stats are in (and you can see the rough notes below). At 5715, music games have landed me the majority of my gamerscore over the four+ years I’ve had an Xbox 360. The Rock Band franchise itself has clocked in at just under 4000 gamerscore.

    Here’s to another 10000 gamerscore, and more music games to help me get there.


    Dance Central 3                   35
    Rock Band Blitz                  310
    Rock Band 3                         960
    Lego Rock Band                  710
    The Beatles: Rock Band    155
    Rock Band 2                        810
    Green Day: Rock Band     595
    Rock Band                           455

    DJ Hero                               325
    Guitar Hero: Van Halen 290
    Guitar Hero 5                      195
    Guitar Hero World Tour  195

    HSM3                                     90
    Lips                                       520
    Karaoke                                 70

    Rock Band GS:                3995
    Harmonix GS:                4030
    Guitar Hero GS:               680
    Hero GS:                         1005
    Other Rhythm:                680
    Total Rhythm GS:         5715

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