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  • Xbox 360 Dashboard Gets Minor Facelift

    Posted on October 18th, 2012 Shawn No comments

    We are getting a new dashboard update for Xbox 360. Simply, it just keeps getting better, step-by-step.  This time around we get Internet Explorer, Search for Kinect, and more parental controls.

    First up, IE makes its first appearance on Xbox. Can you believe, it took 7 years for Xbox to get a web browser? It’s crazy to think the Wii has had this capability since inception. Well, the good news, you can now browse the web on your couch using your 80″ LED display, versus your 10″ iPad. Hooray!

    Kinect gets some incremental added updates too.  Search is now throughout the dashboard, including video searching. This is a minor update, and some would argue that feature already existed.  It did exist before this update, but was limited to only portions of your data/services. Now, Kinect Search gets more full integration across all of your services, we think.

    The last big piece of this update, is improved security, including more controls for parental monitoring and time limiting. Also in this update, requires child and teen accounts to use multi-factor authentication, which is fancy lingo for phone number, email, or something like that.

    So, these are all incremental updates on what is already a fully feature rich dashboard.  IE is definitely big news, as we’ve been waiting 7 years for it.  Also note, with Windows 8 arriving on store shelves this month, another dashboard update to support Windows 8 is right around the corner. The coming update will introduce Xbox Music (the rebranded Zune) and SmartGlass (a feature that integrates with phones and tablets).

    Come back for updates on what’s coming.

    See the press release here.

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