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  • Do Not Become a Zombie at PAX East

    Posted on April 5th, 2012 Shawn 1 comment

    PAX EastThis weekend marks the 3rd annual Penny Arcade Exposition East (better known as PAX East) at the Boston Exhibition and Conference Center (BCEC) on the Boston, MA waterfront. There are some basic guideline’s to think about before traveling to such an event.  First off, tickets are sold out. Don’t expect to buy a ticket at the door. 70,000 (or so) tickets are sold for this event on an annual basis.

    For those going to PAX East this weekend, I’d like to give a few tips to help you stay safe, comfortable, and avoid the highly toxic PAX flu (which generally invades your body 2-4 days after closing day of PAX).

    PAX ZombiesRandom tips for those attending PAX:

    1. Wear comfortable shoes. The BCEC is huge, and you will walk several miles throughout the weekend just traveling around the convention center.
    2. Have cash on hand. Not for the muggers, but for cabs (if you want to explore the real side of Boston, which is about a 2 mile walk), and food. Credit cards are welcome just about everywhere, but cash will be handy for those times when it’s the only accepted option.
    3. Dress in layers. It will get warm indoors, but outside will likely be windy and cool as the BCEC is right on the waterfront.
    4. Bring a backpack. To carry your layers, and all the swag you will pick up each day. Trust me, you will get a ton of swag, like it or not.
    5. Bring hand sanitizer, and use it often. This is the most important ingredient to stave off the PAX flu and not become a zombie in the following week. You will be touching many handrails, game controllers, possibly shaking hands with your favorite game devs, opening doors. Germs will be rampart. Stay away from PAX flu, by bringing small Purell containers in your backpack, and applying to your hands every 30 minutes.
    6. Choose only a couple talks/panels as your “must attend” events and get in line 30-60 minutes before they start. Don’t show up at starting time and expect to get in. The popular talks always sell out and those showing up near/at start time are sent away.
    7. Bring a water bottle. Stay hydrated.
    8. If you get in early each day, skip the queue line to enter, by going into at 10:00 panel/talk instead.
    9. Food is decent in the BCEC, and a tad high priced. Restaurants are a bit of a walk (or short cab ride). The closest burger and beer restaurants Whiskey Priest and Atlantic Beer Garden, will always have a wait. During lunch and dinner times, expect a 2 hour wait for a table. If you want to have a quick seating, eat at odd hours, or cab it over the Boston proper.

    Also, don’t forget to install the PAX schedule app for your iOS, Android, WP7, or BlackBerry at

    For those not going, here is the schedule.


    Let us know if you’d like us to check anything out and gather any info for you. (I will likely be stalking the Harmonix events all weekend, in an attempt to top my Rock Band skills from last year, and get my hands on the just announced Rock Band Blitz).



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