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  • Xbox 360 Rock Band 3 MIDI PRO Adapters in January

    Posted on January 11th, 2011 Shawn 1 comment

    Rock Band 3 players expecting to use their non-Rock Band keyboards and electronic drums in the game, are currently steaming at the fact the game has been out for more than two and a half months, and the adapter to allow this functionality still is not available. Fortunately, PlayStation 3 and Wii players were able to get their hands on them earlier this week at Best Buy and a couple online/brick-n-mortar retailers. Though, Xbox 360 players are still without (except for a handful of fortunate souls).

    Mad Catz, the company producing the official peripherals has made a press announcement regarding the Xbox 360 version of this adapter, and it looks like positive news. I hope what they state is accurate, since Mad Catz had a very difficult time “under promising and over delivering” the hardware for Rock Band 3’s launch.

    If what Mad Catz is now stating is accurate, Xbox 360 players should start seeing retail availability by the end of January. I sure hope 4,000 adapters is enough to meet immediate demand. I plan on getting two myself.

    Read on for the Mad Catz press release.

    Hi All,

    This is Jeff, Community and Marketing Manager here at Mad Catz. I’ll be here posting news and updates on Alex Verrey’s behalf concerning Mad Catz hardware and peripherals, and I hope to help address any concerns or questions the Rock Band Community has on our Mad Catz accessories.

    I have good news concerning the availability on the Xbox 360 MIDI PRO-Adapters that many of you have been waiting for. We expect 1,000 units to arrive to our US distribution center mid-next week, with another 3,000 to follow the next week to distribute and sell. Regular shipments of the Xbox 360 MIDI PRO-Adapters will also follow in the subsequent weeks, so Mad Catz is on schedule to release the Adaptor to our US customers by the month’s end.

    Details on the initial store allocations are still pending, but I will update this post when this has been finalized.

    I hope this will help alleviate some of the concerns and frustrations over when this accessory is finally becoming available. If you have any questions or comments, please reply or feel free to send me a private message through the forums messenger.

    Here is a follow up response to a query on European availability.

    To address your question, I currently have no visibility into stock allocations for the European territorities, but I can investigate this with our counterparts across the pond and try to obtain better dates as to when the adaptor will become available there. I’ll post an update when I can get this information. My apologies on the lack of information in the meantime.

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