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  • Xbox 360 Rock Band 3 MIDI Adapters Shipping January 20

    Posted on January 17th, 2011 Shawn 3 comments

    The latest news in the saga of Rock Band 3 hardware availability is now here.

    Mad Catz, the company producing the official peripherals, has announced GameShark is now accepting pre-orders for the XBOX 360 MIDI PRO adapter, which is scheduled to ship January 20.

    Xbox 360 MIDI PRO-Adapter Pre-Orders now OPEN – GameShark Store US

    Exciting news! The US GameShark Store is now taking pre-orders on the Rock Band 3 MIDI Adapter for the Xbox 360:
    Adapter orders will begin shipping out next Thursday, 1/20 from the US GameShark Store. Demand is expected to be high, so don’t miss out on your chance to order the MIDI Pro-Adapter.

    For those who pre-ordered from other retail outlets, those locations are also expected to receive limited supply and hopefully begin shipments simultaneously. Needless to say, there still looks to be higher demand than availability. The eBay pricing of $100 for these $30-$40 adapters is a tell tale sign. Do not expect the supply to be available on store shelves for several more weeks, or longer.

    UPDATE 1/24/2011: Mad Catz has updated their Rock Band forum post, stating all Amazon pre-orders will be filled this week.


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    • Hey Shawn,

      Are you getting this for your drum kit to replace the GH one? Also have you decided on whether or not you’re getting the Fender when it’s available? I’m definitely grabbing that but likely not in the first wave of orders.

      • I plan on using the MIDI PRO adapter to replace my GH:World Tour MIDI capable kit. With the replacement, I will get: (1) RB3 Pro Mode enabled, (2) more free space in my living room, (3) easier navigation having the controller mounted on my Roland kit.

        I will definitely get the Fender, but like you opted not to pre-order. I’m going to wait for the 2nd generation, which will give me time to get my Pro Drums stats and Pro Keys stats up on the leaderboards.

        We need to play online one of these days.

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