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  • 12 Different Guitar/Bass Charts in Rock Band 3 Songs

    Posted on December 7th, 2010 Shawn No comments

    Rock Band 3 Pro GuitarHaving just listened to the bi-weekly Official Rock Band Podcast, I learned that for every song in Rock Band 3 with Pro Guitar/Bass parts, there are 12 different charts. This is different from previous Rock Band (and other rhythm games) which typically have only 4 charts (Easy, Medium, Hard, and Expert).

    With Rock Band 3, you get the traditional 5-button charts for Easy, Medium, Hard, and Expert. These are these four charts we’ve grown to love over the years. As we learned with Rock Band 3, the new Pro mode brings in a new set of charts for real (stringed and/or midi guitars). What we didn’t know until today’s podcast is laid out below…

    The Fender Mustang controller, is a button-based MIDI controller, which is made up of 17 frets and 102 buttons. The upcoming Fender Squier Stratocaster stringed controller, is made up of 22 frets and 6-strings.

    The difference comes in the additional 5 frets found on the Squier. Songs that are played in the higher fret space will take advantage of the additional 5 frets on the Squier, whereas those same songs played on the Mustang will be modified for a 17 fret version.

    In essence, there are two entirely different Pro modes for Rock Band 3. One for 17 fret guitars and another for 22 fret guitars. With four difficulty modes across each, there actually are eight sets of Pro mode charts for guitar (and another eight for bass).

    This may not be the case for every song, as some songs don’t utilize the frets above #17. In that case, the two Pro modes will be identical.

    To tally it up, Rock Band 3 has 12 charts for every song on guitar and 12 charts for every song on bass. That is an insane amount of work by Harmonix (and soon Rock Band Network creators) to deliver a single Pro song, and well worth the 99 cents for the upgrade.

    To hear the podcast, go to:

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