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    Posted on October 23rd, 2010 Shawn No comments

    A couple weeks ago, I put a call out here, on Twitter, and Xbox Live to form a new band for the release of Rock Band 3.  I got an overwhelming response (though you wouldn’t know it via the blog comments). Tuesday, October 26 is launch day for Rock Band 3.  I will be picking up my copy as soon as my local mall opens, and likely heading home to play all day.

    Based on the initial wave of respondents, there are many Xbox Live’rs who want in. Some are committed, some can only play on occasion. I fall in the middle; thanks to work, life, and other unimportant things. Now I need to come up with a new band name. Any thoughts?

    The current lineup (or maybe we will call it tryouts), consists of many players with varying backgrounds. Check it below via Xbox Live Gamertag and instrument preference.

    AppleTrak (that’s me) – Pro Drums, Pro Keys, Vox

    Pomegranate72 – Guitar, Bass

    Ellync – ?

    Axl VanRoth – Bass <– This person has a pre-release copy and has a leg up on us all.

    XxzPapaRoachzxX – ?

    Keulenmuck – Drums, Guitar, Bass

    jellisjenius – Guitar, Bass, Keys

    Sarpathian – Keys, Bass, Vox

    Klamalama – Bass

    KaliniuS – any


    BlondeSk8rchick – Guitar, Bass

    Sea Stewardesss – Guitar, Bass

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