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  • Fable II Free on Xbox Live

    Posted on October 16th, 2010 Shawn 1 comment

    This is the tale of how I stumbled on a free copy of Fable II. Hopefully, you did too.

    Friday was a somewhat typical day. I worked a few hours from the office, and the rest of the day from home. My trusty Twitter client (SocialScope) installed on the BlackBerry, updates me when great deals are found via @slickdeals. That’s a community driven deal finder web site, which has saved me hundreds of dollars in less than a year.

    At 3:22 PM, I received a tweet from @slickdeals announcing a free game download of Fable II. My immediate assumption, it was a typo and that only Chapter 1 of Fable II was being offered for free. The first chapter deal has been made available in the past, which I picked up. It was a nice way to get familiar with the game, and hoping you’d buy the rest of it. Plus the single chapter informed you when you earned an achievement, but teased you as it wouldn’t give you the achievement until you purchased the next chapter of the game. I never purchased Chapter 2 or the full game.

    So, when this tweet came in, I headed over to to learn what was up. Hmm, still looked legit, but it had to be a typo.

    I clicked the link from SlickDeals, which brought me to the Xbox Live Marketplace, displaying Fable II and the price listed as FREE. Without hesitation, I logged into my Xbox Live account from the web and was returned back to the Fable II screen…but now it said the price was $19.99. I refreshed my browser and the price was replaced with “Already Purchased”. Very confusing indeed.

    Quickly, I fired up my Xbox, logged into my account, and looked at my downloads. Fable was listed as a 6.59GB download and was currently 2% completed.

    I started reading the SlickDeals comments where people began stating that at the 59% point of downloading, their download ended and Fable II never ran. Others stated that the link had vanished a couple hours later.

    At 5:04 PM, looks like Microsoft began damage control as a tweet from @thevowel stated that Chapter 1 was only in the download.

    Around 7:00 PM, I checked the Xbox again to see I had no active downloads. Looking at my game library, Fable II showed up. But, was it only Chapter I or the full game? I fired up the game and started from the beginning.

    Just a few minutes into the game, I received my first achievement. So far this is looking better than the “only Chapter 1” version which was released last year.

    I didn’t complete Chapter 1 last night, though with the 6+ GB file and receiving achievements, all signs point to me (and others) having scored a free copy of Fable II. No one should be expecting the @stepto ban hammer, since the download was legitimate and no nefarious means were taken to obtain it.

    If this works out, and I get hooked on this game…it may be a great marketing campaign to get me interested in Fable III (coming to stores on October 26).

    UPDATE: Confirmed, I have played for a few hours today (Saturday), am well past Chapter 1, and have obtained a slew of achievements. This deal was totally legit and now I’m hooked on Fable II.


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    • Awesome!

      I saw this come up in the RSS feed from Destructoid yesterday at about 1PM PST, however it did not work in Canada 🙁 Most of the guys in my office tried but nobody got a download confirmation, only an error message that it wasn’t available for purchase. Probably because our profiles are directed to not, and the game is actually $34.99 in Canada (not $19.99 or free).

      I played through this game when it came out in 2008 and it was a blast. Have fun!

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