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  • Slacker Radio: Now with ABC News

    Posted on July 22nd, 2010 Shawn No comments

    Slacker announced months ago, that with an update coming in 2010 there would be new features and stations added to the streaming radio service. One of those, was the unique addition of ABC News audio feeds.

    Months have gone by, and all the new mentioned features have come true; like new clients for BlackBerry, iPhone, and Android with wireless syncing. The ABC News feature has gone unanswered…

    …until today.

    I opened up my favorite streaming music application in Firefox, to see an advertisement on screen for “ABC NEWS ON SLACKER RADIO!” I clicked the link, and am currently listening away to ABC News feeds. This is definitely a nice addition to the 100+ canned music stations, plus the unlimited number of custom stations, like our own custom Rock Band station.

    Later on, I will experiment with trying the new station on my BlackBerry Slacker app. Plus, I will try to make a custom station with both music and news feeds.  Should be interesting.

    I’ve seen satellite radio articles bashing the new offering by Slacker. Though, I’m going to give this a solid test drive and report back before making any judgment.

    You can check out Slacker Radio in your web browser or smartphone by visiting

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