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  • Rock Band 2 Track Export in Jeopardy?

    Posted on June 21st, 2010 Simon 3 comments

    Curiously, Harmonix has not yet confirmed that Rock Band 2’s tracks will be fully (or more likely, partially) exportable into Rock Band 3.   Typically this feature is one of the earliest known facts about new Rock Band Games, and always comes with a fee.  I’m guessing they like to publish this fact as early as possible because of the fact that they charge extra for this feature.

    Our good friend at RockBandAide has posted an excellent interview with Dan Teasdale, with the following Q&A:

    Will Rock Band 2 export require a unique code to do?

    Details on Rock Band 2 export have not been announced yet, as the possibility of export is still in process.

    He mentions it again in the “Gamespot E3 Reveal” at 11:20:

    “..and of course, all your old songs are gonna work ?”

    Exactly.  All your Rock Band 1 and 2 DLC, your Green Day export, your Rock Band 1 export, all gonna work in Rock Band 3.

    “Still in process” is a good thing, it means that the answer is probably not “No”.  If you recall, Rock Band 1’s export did not actually include all of the music in the game, notable tracks from Metallica, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath and others were not available.  This was also the only export thus far that actually copied the tracks from the disc, the other exports were in the form of a large download (at least on XBOX Live).  Lego and Green Day’s exports were inclusive of all of the tracks in the game, and also gave you possibility of waiving the fee if you pre-ordered the game.  The “Bonus Tracks” from Rock Band 2 are probably safe, as these show up in the set list as DLC and not Rock Band 2 tracks (true for Lego tracks as well).

    Since they can’t confirm that an export will exist, I will speculate that it is likely due to licensing issues with the artists themselves, or their labels, and further that we can expect a partial export similar to RB1.  It will be a disaster if the great music from Rock Band 2 is orphaned, unable to be exported.  Let’s hope that Harmonix is doing everything they can to preserve as much of the Rock Band 2 legacy as they can, and that the cost of this function is going to be similar to what we’ve had to pay in the past.

    What tracks from Rock Band 2 would you be willing to give up, assuming we can’t export the entirety of the disc?


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    • I’ll start by giving up “The Allman Brothers – Ramblin Man”, “Lush – De-Luxe” and “Alabama Getaway – Grateful Dead”. I would not miss those one bit.

    • @Simon: I don’t disagree with your list of songs to eliminate, but you are missing my #1 pick (I’d bet I’m not alone on this one. Abnormality – Visions.

      To this day I have not been able to complete the songs on Expert Drums (the only songs on the RB2 set list). Partially because it is extremely difficult, and also because it is so awful on the ears I can’t stand listening to it. Yes, I have completed Painkiller and Panic Attack on Expert drums. I’ve also beat Constant Motion (That’s DLC though).

    • I honestly wasn’t a huge fan of either setlist from RB1 and RB2. Most of my play time is dedicated to playing DLC songs, which I have well over 500+ songs of.

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