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  • RB: DLC 06/22/10 – Miley Cyrus?

    Posted on June 18th, 2010 Simon No comments

    Harmonix has confirmed the rumor that next Tuesday’s DLC will feature none other than Miley Cyrus with 5 tracks to support her new album, “Can’t Be Tamed” which is in stores on the same date.   This is the part where I say something like “It’s always good to have new artists in Rock Band” with my casual take-the-bad-with-the-good attitude.

    Random fact:  A friend of mine recently admitted that his guilty pleasure was a Miley song called “Party in the USA”, he works as a roughneck in the Alberta Oil fields.   Her music seems to be breaking through barriers if nothing else.   This much I know:  I’m not ‘shoopping any Miley banner ads this time.  I can’t even bring myself to listen to the tracks, and frankly this entire subject makes me uncomfortable.  Enjoy the tracks, you wierdos.

    Available on Tuesday, June 22, 2010:

    • Miley Cyrus – “7 Things”
    • Miley Cyrus – “Can’t Be Tamed”
    • Miley Cyrus – “Fly On the Wall”
    • Miley Cyrus – “See You Again”
    • Miley Cyrus – “Start All Over”

    Next Week’s Prediction:  Two new artists debut, Scissor Sisters and The Roots.

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