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  • Our Green Day: Rock Band Release Party

    Posted on June 29th, 2010 Shawn No comments

    Green Day: Rock Band Party 1I make a general rule at work to host a party when ever a new rhythm game gets released. Sometimes, we just have music game parties just for the hell of it too.  Last summer, I organized a dual release party on 09.09.09, where we had The Beatles: Rock Band in one room and Guitar Hero 5 in another.

    Earlier this month, on 06.09.10 to be exact, I hosted a Green Day: Rock Band release party at work. In one room, which we will call the main stage, we had Green Day: Rock Band splattered across five giant projectors. It was a bit overkill, but that’s how we roll. In the other room, which we will the 2nd stage, we had one giant screen projector setup with Rock Band 2, and about 600 songs.

    These parties generally bring out the plastic rockers from work, and this event was no exception. On the main stage, we had it set up with guitar, bass, and 3 vocals. We were shy one set of drums so, unfortunately there wasn’t a chance to let people realize how insane the drums for many early Green Day songs really was. Though, the vocal harmonies were a big hit, and people are really looking forward to that feature in Rock Band 3. Over all, many of the early Green Day songs were requested, and people were looking for more Insomniac and Warning songs. For me, I love American Idiot and 21st Century Breakdown, so no complaints on the set list from me.

    Stage 2 was a different vibe entirely. It was more comfortable, since everyone has been playing Rock Band 2 for about two years now (and we’ve had it at several parties). This room has the traditional Rock Band set up, vocals, guitar, bass, and drums. I even set up the Rock Band Stage Kit for some lighting effects. For fear of a visit from the local fire department, I opted not to turn on the fog machine. Some favorite songs that jump out to me were Poker Face, The Great Southern Trendkill (see video), and Foreplay/Long Time.

    Of course, both setups had No Fail Mode on to increase the party/fun factor without the bummer of someone killing the buzz by being booed off the stage.

    Over all, our 2+ hour event was a success with a couple dozen of our closest coworkers joining in the fun. I expect we will have a couple more of these throughout the summer.

    Everyone is looking forward to the 7 person band of Rock Band 3, which I expect we will have a release party of that in early November.

    Check out the small gallery below.

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