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  • E3: Xbox gets Slim, Kinects with us & Rock Band goes Pro

    Posted on June 14th, 2010 Shawn 1 comment

    E3 2010There is likely to be some of the most amazing gaming news in history made this week. Let’s kick off with some of what we already know.

    • Xbox 360’s code named “Project Natale” was unveiled Sunday night, and renamed Kinect. This is the camera-based controls, which allow game play and other cool Xbox uses without any controller in your hand. I’m expecting this to be a huge family hit, but not a big deal with hard core gamers. This should hit the Wii crowd below the belt. It was unveiled, and definitely is focusing on kids, especially with the Webkinz like, plush stuffed animals (Kinectimals) that unlock in-game content.
    • All signs point to an Xbox 360 Slim being fully unveiled this week. Many already at E3 early, have confirmed the unconfirmed Xbox 360 Slim. That’s great news to anyone with a red ringed (or E74’d) Xbox 360 that’s well out of warranty. Maybe Microsoft got the hardware engineering right this time, and we will see an end to the more than 60% console fail rate.
    • Harmonix people are in L.A., and stating that the Rock Band booth is amazing. They will be showing the world all that is Rock Band 3. See Rock Band Keysour other posts for nitty-gritty details, but expect professional new controllers (i.e. real 6-string guitars, full size electronic drum sets, real piano/keyboards) with major advancements to the software.
    • In more Harmonix news, there are solid rumors floating around that the game developer has created a dance game, dubbed Dance Central, for the new Microsoft Kinect.  If you are like me, Harmonix could release a pile of poop and I’d still buy it. [thanks @RockBandAide for the tip]

    There should also be many other announcements, which we will post about through the week. Stay tuned for Shawn and Simon’s coverage (from afar).

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