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  • Cena confirms Rock Band 3 ION compatibility

    Posted on June 17th, 2010 Simon No comments

    A recent tweet from Cena (authority on most things Rock Band related) was noteworthy:

    To clarify for all. The Ion Drum Rocker does work with RB3. if you have the 3 cymbals you Are set for pro mode. #cenaE3

    If you’re like me and just have the standard ION with two-cymbals, then you are probably looking ahead to upgrading.  If you want to get in on PRO-mode drumming, there are three components that you should consider.

    • 3rd cymbal.  This can either be the ION variety, or something else entirely as the kit is highly expandable and compatible with other e-cymbals on the market.
    • 2nd bass-pedal.  The stock ION pedal is garbage, I purchased the Rock Pedal and could not be happier.
    • Bass-pedal coupler.  The ION ‘brain’ does not have a second input for the bass pedal.

    It’s likely that ION will announce an upgrade package that has all of the above.  There are a few bass-pedals that have the coupler built in, so that could potentially cut down on the cost and certainly the cabling.  I’ve been in touch with Jordan from Rock Pedal, and he will be offering just such a package in time for Rock Band 3.  However I will probably look to get a better quality and brand of high-hat than another ION cymbal (and I’m not complaining about the ION cymbals, they are great).

    What are your plans for upgrading your e-drum kit?

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