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    Posted on June 28th, 2010 Shawn No comments

    Here’s something I have not written much about before, likely because the site hasn’t focused on this obsession.  But, let’s start a new category and see if there’s interest from our readers. I had the opportunity to pick up some drum sticks last week and jam with a couple guitarists from my town.

    Our two hour impromptu jam at one of the guitarists studio, who we will call SuRGe, was reminiscent of a garage band I used to jam with two years ago.  That band was Sorry About Your Dog from Charlotte, NC. Those guys were a group of I.T. pros and closet musicians, who played some common party classics (a lot from the mid-90s). I helped out on drums and vocals, when their permanent players weren’t available. Maybe, you could call me a scab.

    These guys I jammed with this past week, nearly have identical taste in songs.  Plus, many of the songs are also in Rock Band.  Needless to say, I knew the drum parts to most of the songs shouted out during our jam session, and we jumped right in and did a decent job knocking them out.

    Here’s an example of what we played:

    You May Be Right
    The Break Up Song
    Just What I Needed
    Jenny 867-5309
    Wild Flower
    Bad Case of Lovin’ You
    Should I Stay Or Should I Go
    American Girl
    Basket Case
    Welcome to Paradise
    Your Love
    When I Come Around
    Saw Her Standing There
    My Best Friends Girl
    Don’t Do Me Like That
    Dirty Deeds

    You might agree, lots of party songs.  You’ll see from the photos, that I may appear to be not so enthralled by what we were playing.  At least, that was my wife’s impression when she saw the photos.  Actually, I knew the songs drum parts so well, that I was mentally trying to figure out the vocal harmonies while we played. So, in the photo’s you see the outcome of my brain in action….not a pretty sight, I guess.

    Well, after two hours, the three of us agreed that we jelled together and plan to put together a list of songs to play next time. I’ve already warned them about my love for metal and prog rock, so let’s see how my suggestions play out.  The songs we played were all pretty basic for drums, which also probably plays into my lack of excitement in photos. Though, they were good for a pick up jam session.

    I’m thinking of testing the waters with classic prog rock of Kansas and Styx, maybe working our way up to Dream Theater.  I’d be up for it, though I may be alone on that one.  Keeping with the theme of songs, but adding a little difficulty, I’ll throw in Boston as a suggestion.

    P.S. – The T-Shirt I’m wearing.  I’ll give Twitter shout outs to the first person to comment where it’s from.  HINT: It’s gaming conference related.

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