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  • Rock Band Network at PAX East

    Posted on April 9th, 2010 Shawn No comments

    Here’s another video from the Harmonix Lounge at PAX East.  So, what’s different about this one?  First, I did not record it.  Second, it features the first RBN track in Spanish (Arigato by Gandhi).  Third, I’m on the drums.

    Yep, Just a few minutes after arriving in the Harmonix Lounge on day 1 of PAX East, I hopped in line to play a song.  I met up with a few folks that I’ve chatted online with, and other cool cats in the lounge.  We got up to the stage to play, and then Eric Pope changed the freeplay up and featured only RBN songs for a while.  So, the video here is the first time I’ve heard this song in its entirety, and the first time playing it.
    (source: Samanthics on YouTube)

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