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  • RB: DLC – 05/04/10 No Doubt, Picture Me Broken & Orianthi

    Posted on April 30th, 2010 Simon No comments

    Just a quick update this time to inform you of next week’s Rock Band DLC.   This time we get *most* of a full album, No Doubt’s mega-selling “Tragic Kingdom”, the album that put them on the map, and a single each from new artists Picture Me Broken and Orianthi.

    Available on May 4th, 2010

    • No Doubt – “Different People”
    • No Doubt – “End It on This”
    • No Doubt – “Happy Now?”
    • No Doubt – “Hey You”
    • No Doubt – “Sixteen”
    • No Doubt – “The Climb”
    • No Doubt – “Tragic Kingdom”
    • No Doubt – “World Go ‘Round”
    • No Doubt – “You Can Do It”
    • Orianthi – “According to You”
    • Picture Me Broken – “Dearest (I’m So Sorry)”

    This week’s DLC is a mixed blessing for me.  This is actually No Doubt’s 2nd full album in the Rock Band Store, as you may recall their “Singles Collection” was released last year.  All of the popular singles from this album have already appeared in the previous collection, so what you are left with is the rest of the album, the filler, the songs that were not as popular.  Even if you are a casual No Doubt fan, its very likely that you already purchased some or all of this album.  Harmonix is making the tracks available in a number of ways to accomodate this fact.  It is awesome to see more music from well-established acts in Rock Band, because it is both unexpected and unpredictable that we would see more tracks from No Doubt.  At the same time, this is a bit disappointing because I have no interest in any of the additional tracks that are offered, and was not that impressed with the singles collection in the first place.  Even though I actually owned this CD when it was popular, none of the tracks stand out as “must haves” for Rock Band.   Still, overall, this is a good thing as it brings hope that there will be more music down the road from all of your favourite artists (moar Rush please).

    As for the other two acts, you can read more about Orianthi here and Picture Me Broken here.  I’ve given the tracks a listen on Grooveshark, and they are nothing to scream about, very average as far as Rock Band tunes go.

    Next Week’s Predictions:  More music from Dead Weather, UNKLE and Stereophonics (all of whom have new albums out on May 10).

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