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  • RB: DLC – 04/27/10 Flyleaf, Busted and Silverchair

    Posted on April 23rd, 2010 Simon 2 comments

    Harmonix has announced next week’s DLC tracks on schedule.  One of Australia’s biggest rock acts in the last two decades, Silverchair, is coming to Rock Band on Tuesday, as well as a follow up track from Flyleaf and the debut of brit-poppers Busted.

    • Busted – “Thunderbirds Are Go!”
    • Flyleaf – “Again”
    • Silverchair – “Tomorrow”

    “Tomorrow” was Silverchairs debut hit in the early 90’s, rocketing them to fame in the 1992 post-Seattle grunge era.  They continued for many years to be one of the top acts in Australia and are currently recording a new album.   Silverchair has not received much attention outside of Australia since the 90’s, but perhaps we will see more of their music in the game one day.  Flyleaf was one of the original bands from the Rock Band 1 disc, with their song “I’m So Sick”, and if you enjoyed that song then “Again” should likewise please your ears.

    I’m a bit surprised with the third track next week.   Busted (now defunct) was a fairly boilerplate Brit-pop band that had incredible success with their first album, but quickly faded to insignificance within two years.  At their peak, they recieved the top music industry accolades (album of the year in 2003) but could not recapture their success with their second album.  “Thunderbirds are Go!” was not released on any of their major British or even their North American records, in fact this song was one of four bonus tracks with the Japanese release of their second album, for their short-lived tour of that country.  So rather than getting one of their handful of songs that people actually liked, we instead are given this B-side to their forgotten japanese import.   This is aside from the fact that the song is the theme to a show about marionettes in space.  Sorry Harmonix, but this track is just way too obscure to be believed.  I just cannot picture this track being popular in Rock Band.

    This might seem like a very short release list, indeed it is a rare occasion that a Tuesday only has three tracks to add to the Rock Band catalogue.  Harmonix has ackowledged this in their press release and have informed the public that they’ve ‘got loads of content in the pipeline’.   Remember there is a major title release (Green Day) in just over a month, development is presumably ongoing for Rock Band 3, and the stream of tracks appearing on the Rock Band Network seems to have hit its stride, with 5-15 new songs per week.

    Enjoy the new songs.  Next Week’s Predictions:  The Deftones, RATT and Hole.  Courtney’s not currently pissed off with Harmonix right?


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    • Silverchair and Flyleaf are both instant purchases for me next week. As for Busted….never heard of them. Your description makes me think, I don’t really have much interest in knowing them.

    • For sure. “Tomorrow” is a must have. After listening to it again, I am giving it one star on the difficulty meter.. there is nothing about that song that sounds difficult to emulate, which means its a winner for Rock Band.

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