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  • New Eminem & Jay-Z Mixes for DJ Hero

    Posted on April 1st, 2010 Shawn No comments

    So, full disclosure…I still haven’t picked up DJ Hero.  Why? I love rhythm games (GH, RB, DDR). I generally buy them on day 1 too.  But in 2009, now in 2010 I have over spent and just don’t have enough time to play all my games.  I’m currently playing Rock Band 2 DLC, Lego Rock Band, High School Musical 3 Dance (yes, you can laugh), and Shadow Complex.  Fallout, Castle Crashers, and New Super Mario Bros are waiting for me on the shelf too.

    Back to DJ Hero.  What I know of this game, and the in-store demos I have played, I love it.  Now, there is a release of two great (and two of my favorite) hip-hop artists with another set of mashups for the wheel of steel game.  Check out the announcement.

    Welcome to the latest DJ HeroTM VIP Newsletter. March is community appreciation month! We’ve scanned our fan sites and forums for the most common fan requests and are answering back with the release of brand new exclusive mixes and the standalone turntable controller.

    Three new JAY-Z and EMINEM mixes will be available for download on Xbox Live beginning March 18th and then on March 25th for Playstation Network and Nintendo. See below for more info.

    We agree that taking turns is no fun – two turntables are definitely better than one! Here’s your chance to discover why. The standalone turntable controller is now in stores, so get ready to battle your friends in 2 player DJ vs. DJ mode. If you haven’t picked up the game yet, check the details below for a killer offer!

    As always, you can learn more at on or follow us on Facebook and on Twitter to get the latest news and enter to win weekly giveaways. We’re giving away hundreds of turntables through Easter, so keep checking the community sites!

    -DJ Hero Team

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