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  • iPhone OS 4.ugghh

    Posted on April 8th, 2010 Pabel No comments

    So I need to preface this entire post with the fact that I’m really excited about some of the new features that the new iPhone OS will bring to the iPhone/iPad even though I may not use all of them.  None, I repeat, none of them are earthshattering, but I think they bode well for the directions the iPhone and iPad are going in terms of use.  The iPhone now becomes even more useful/handy.  For someone who owns an iPhone and has loved the experience, this is pretty incredible.  Extra utility out of a device I already love using is a big win.  In terms of the iPad, it’s now elevated from an intriguing little device to a purchase option.  I’d like to get a laptop for general use around the house.  Nothing major, I just want the flexibility I don’t have now with my desktop.  Well that and I need to catch up with my wife who has a laptop.  With the new functionality 4 brings to the iPad, it’s now directly in my line of sight as an option.

    My frustrations:

    – 4 is not fully compatible with the iPhone 3G.  Are you kidding me?  Phones have had multi-tasking and enterprise support for years now but Apple doesn’t think 2 year old 3G hardware can handle it?  How elegant and ‘best in class’ can your design be if the 3G can’t handle multi-tasking.  This is a pure money grab plain and simple.  Jobs even said as much when he referred to the new features being an incentive to upgrade as “terrific.”  Sorry, but there’s no way I can justify buying a phone simply to get Multi-tasking, advanced mail, enteprise support, iBooks, GameCenter, etc. all in one shot.  I’m sure some of those will port to the 3G but that it all won’t is absoutely crazy.  I’ve lived with my iPhone for 2 years now and loved it, so clearly I don’t ‘need’ any of these features.  I don’t see Apple getting money from me for a new model phone just on principle.  The iPhone 3G is a large portion of Apples install base that’s now been alienated.  Not the best move in my view.

    – Enough with the marketing nonsense Apple.  The whole ‘we’re not first with multi-tasking, but we’re the best’ is the same garbage lines all companies use when they’re late to market with something.  Quit trying to make this out to be more than it is.  A lot of these features should have been in from the beginning, so don’t treat us like we’re dumb now w/ clever slides and marketing lingo.  Call it like it is.  These features are great and put you on par in these areas with your competition.  You clearly shine in areas like UI, usability, App Store, etc. and those put you at the top of the hill.  There’s no need to disparage to cover up the fact that you’re late to the game with this.  You have a great phone/device.  In these feature sets, you’ve now caught up and added a little more.  Implemented well, these features put you at the top.  But lets not get crazy and forget that phones have had multitasking, folders, advanced mail, enterprise support, etc. for a long time before todays preview.  You’ve copied/caught up in some areas, and lead and been frontrunners in others.  Call a spade a spade.

    Overall, I’m excited about the features that will be coming to the iPhone/iPad.  GameCenter (think Xbox Live on smartphones) appears to be the one ‘new’ thing, but the other features that are now coming to the table look good.  The iPhone just got better, and the iPad just became even more of an option for many users.  I am, however, slightly worried about the direction this is all going.  Apple has always done their ‘walled garden’ thing but it seems to be going even more in that direction if possible.  With iAds, App Store inconsistencies, lack of true file storage access, etc., we’re increasingly only able to do the things Apple wants (or gets a cut from) on our devices.  If this path continues, there’s only so many restrictions I’ll stomach for access to great UI and hardware.  So far, I’m good and intrigued by Apple products, but I worry/wonder what my feelings will be in the future.

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