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  • EXCLUSIVE! Brain Stew / Jaded performed by Harmonix at PAX East

    Posted on April 7th, 2010 Shawn No comments

    Take a look  at some of our favorite HMXers as they give is an exclusive demonstration on how NOT to fail Brain Stew / Jaded from the upcoming Green Day: Rock Band.  This comes direct from the Harmonix Lounge at PAX East 2010.

    In this 6 minute and 30 second video, you get to witness an intro by John Drake (@johntdrake), plus the vocal styling of Kyle Mercury (@dropslash) and Chris Foster of Harmonix.  Chris got to hang out with Green Day the previous day in New York. (side note: We all need to thank Chris for his contributions on the Rock Band franchise.)  You also get a peek at the MC of the event, none other than Eric Pope (@MrPope) at the end.

    Drake gives us some background on the Harmonix team failing out on the song at GDC, which found it’s way on to YouTube.  Also, the background to the song is set to the “American Idiot tour”, says Drake.  Listen to the crowd chanting, it sounds as if this song for Rock Band may be a take from the Bullet In A Bible soundtrack, or a recreation.

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