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  • BlackBerry Tablet In The Works

    Posted on April 19th, 2010 Shawn No comments

    So, the iPad is here, we know that.  Some are calling it a revolutionary device. I won’t get into my opinion of the iPad right now.  Though, I will get into what is possibly soon to come.

    There’s most likely a BlackBerry touchscreen phone coming out this year (looking like the Palm Pre). See my earlier post on this.

    I got wind today from TechTremor, that Research In Motion (aka RIM, the makers of BlackBerry) are readying a combatant to the iPad.  If there is any credence to this early rumor, we may be seeing a BlackBerry tablet computer in the near future.

    Source: TechTremor

    If your tired of tablets already then you’re in for a tough year I’m afraid. Research In Motion, the creator of Blackberry, were caught buying up 8.9 inch screens and later ordering tablets from Foxconn, the largest electronic assembly plant in the world. Again, more rumors, but this would slate the tablet for an attainable late summer early fall launch. It looks like tablets are going to be the new Christmas crazy come 4th quarter.

    So, what say you BlackBerry users? Does a BlackBerry tablet interest you? For me, I am begging RIM to make a touchscreen BlackBerry. Though, not sure yet what I think about a BlackBerry tablet.

    UPDATE: In this weeks CrackBerry podcast, we have a confirmation that engineering of a BlackBerry tablet is in the works. Listen to Kevin Michaluk at 31:40 into the podcast. He had to change topics because he is obviously under an NDA not to talk about it.
    Get the podcast here or just listen below.

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