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  • Rock Band Network, Open For Business?

    Posted on March 4th, 2010 Shawn No comments

    My daily Google search for all things Rock Band returned a result from Is that a real Billboard web site?

    Anyway, according to the article, Harmonix’ long developed Rock Band Network is opening today for business. If true, you, me, and all our friends on Xbox Live (sorry PSNers and Wiizers) will have a slew of lesser known, cheaper to buy, and community created tracks to play in Rock Band 2.

    Nothing in the Billboard article states any official announcement of the RBN opening, other than old info that we already know.  So, this remains on the rumor category until someone can confirm that “yes, the RBN store is now available on Xbox Live.”

    UPDATE: The RockBand forums are lighting up now. People are buzzing. So far, Xbox Live users have seen a title update for Rock Band 2, but after searching around the menus, there’s no new content. Stay tuned…

    Additional updates come from our friend at RockBandAide:

    UPDATE 2: Rumors are swirling that the “star ratings issue” has been fixed with the patch, although people are not seeing an RBN store details… yet.

    UPDATE 3: Rock Band superstar @BillTVShow let me know that this thread over at the official forums has people also commenting on what they’re seeing.

    UPDATE 4: IT’S OPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s available under the “Music Store” menu! GO, GO, GO!!!!  (You may need to restart, but all signs are saying the RBN is now officially a-go!)

    UPDATE 5: Also from @BillTVShow, the RBN is its own “location” in the sortable menu, so you can sort by RBN tracks.  He noticed too that if you press SELECT, you can rate a song!

    UPDATE 6: The RBN is currently only available in the US and Canada (and I’ve heard Canadians are having some trouble getting it to work).  EU and other territories will be receiving it hopefully in a few weeks.

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