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  • Theory on when Pantera will arrive on Rock Band

    Posted on February 25th, 2010 Shawn 1 comment

    There is some interesting pontification going on over at the Rock Band forums today, around one of the most anticipated (and yet still not delivered) bands to be added to the Rock Band DLC arsenal. The one and only, Pantera.

    From newcomer phildo2000 over at

    I know RB likes to sometimes time their DLC releases with cd releases……well check out the news below. March 30?????

    “The planned onslaught of Pantera reissues will soon kick off with what looks to be a new greatest hits collection set to be the first out of the gate. Due out through Atlantic/Warner on March 30th is a new compilation titled “1990-2000: A Decade Of Domination“. No further details have been revealed as to what the offering will feature as of yet.” I got this info from

    For me, I’m more than ready for some Pantera. 1 song, a 3 pack, or their entire greatest hits collection…I’ll take them all.

    What about you?


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    • Logical, makes sense – in fact almost all of my ‘predictions’ revolve around new albums being released. As for Pantera, I’m with you, anything at all would be welcomed at this point, but I would prefer something like the “Queen” pack with a varied selection. 1 song would be a letdown considering how much they have been discussed in the RB forums and various other sites.

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