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  • RB: DLC 02/09/10 – Rust In Peace by Megadeth

    Posted on February 10th, 2010 Simon 1 comment

    Well it certainly looks like the weeks of ‘re-run’ DLC have come to an end! No more songs that you already heard about when the expansion disc came out and no more limited-time ‘exclusives’.  On Tuesday, Harmonix provided us with a rare full-album DLC: Megadeth’s “Rust in Peace”.  This is Megadeth’s second full-album DLC, and third Tuesday DLC appearance; 1986’s “Peace Sells.. But Who’s Buying” album and their 2007 song “Sleepwalker” were added to the Rock Band DLC catalogue  in August-September 2008.

    Released 20 years ago, “Rust in Peace” is a hallmark speed-metal album that is widely regarded as one of the finest examples of speed-metal music.   Late last year the band announced that they would be touring to support the anniversary in March 2010, and they would be playing the album, in its entirety, at each show.

    • “Holy Wars… The Punishment Due”
    • “Hangar 18”
    • “Take No Prisoners”
    • “Five Magics”
    • “Poison Was the Cure”
    • “Lucretia”
    • “Tornado of Souls”
    • “Dawn Patrol”
    • “Rust In Peace… Polaris”

    Thanks to Rock Band, you can now play the album, in its entirety, with three of your friends for the low cost of 1200 points for all nine tracks, or 160 for individual tracks.  I have clear memories of owning this album and loving every song as a teenager, but the level of skill required to master these in the game will be quite daunting.   I enjoy challenging setlists, but I also enjoy playing music that people like to listen to and some of the tracks on “Rust in Peace” are very complicated and dark.  The first two tracks on the album are excellent and if you are a passing fan of Megadeth, you should check them out, especially if you plan to simulate your own Megadeth World Tour in your living room.

    Next Week’s Predictions:  3 tracks from Angels & Airwaves upcoming “LOVE” album, in stores on February 14th.


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    • This was the one Megadeth cassette, yes I said cassette, that I owned and loved. Very nostalgic, reminds me of driving my mom’s 1984 Toyota Celica to my after school job at Bradlees (now defuct Walmart like chain), with my shaved side burns, killer mullet, and red Bradlees vest.

      Though, I have bought lot’s of nostalgic DLC before and come to find, it never gets played. Nothing quite says, let’s party like “Tornado of Souls”. If you have a room (or online group) full of Megadeth fans, (1) I’d be shocked, (2) then this is a must buy.

      I might pick up Holy Wars, even though there’s slim chance I will be able to play the drums on expert without failing.

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