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  • Google Buzz, A Real Threat to Twitter & Facebook

    Posted on February 10th, 2010 Shawn No comments

    I’m just learning what Google Buzz is all about today.  I like to keep things short and simple here. Think of Gmail mixed with all the social aspects of Facebook and Twitter.  Photo sharing, status updates, posts/blogging, geolocation, etc.  All this in the simplistic Google interface.

    Who doesn’t have a Gmail account? Just about no one.  Who doesn’t use Twitter and/or Facebook?  Just about no one.

    Google Buzz is rolling out today to Gmail users.  The coolest part, is it’s not only rolling out for desktop users, but also smartphone users.  At first rollout, a bunch of dekstop (Windows, Mac, etc) users already have the Buzz features enabled, plus iPhone and Android users have access just by navigating to from the browser. No word yet on BlackBerry or WebOS support.

    Knowing that Gmail already has a huge install base, would you give Buzz a try? I know I will.

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