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  • Rock Band DLC: Post 2009 Roundup

    Posted on January 8th, 2010 Simon No comments

    Welcome back to My Gadget, Game and Gizmo Obsession!  I must apologize for missing the last few weeks of 2009- I confess I was enjoying the winter break, spending quality time with my wife, playing lots of Rock Band 2 ‘other’ games.   Can you believe I still have not aquired Lego Rock Band?  Frankly since I missed out on both of the deals this winter I’m waiting for another price drop.  Yes, the fanboy in me is frequently beat down by the thrifty gamer in me, the turmoil is at times like a bi-polar steel-cage match. It’s probably all the time I spend listening to Cheapy D.

    Today I’ll fill you in on what you probably already know, and that is the last two Rock Band Tuesday’s track lists and some of my cherry-flavoured commentary.

    Tracks available on December 29, 2009:

    • Kenny Rogers – “The Gambler”
    • Alan Jackson – “Good Time”
    • Jason Aldean – “She’s Country”
    • Cross Canadian Ragweed – “Cry Lonely”
    • Keith Urban – “I Told You So”
    • Martina McBride – “This One’s For the Girls”
    • Shania Twain – “Any Man of Mine”

    Straight up – this week’s lineup was not drafted for me.  This is approximately half of the exclusive tracks that were featured in last summer’s Rock Band Country Track Pack disc, where the other half is sitting currently is anyone’s guess.   I’m glad to see several Canadian country artists represented, we have a massive country scene up here centered in Alberta, but as I mentioned none of these songs really speak to my tastes.  I will pick up “Gambler” before my next RB Party and see if anyone is interested, but the charting doesn’t look terribly exciting.

    Tracks available on January 5, 2010

    • Blink-182 – “Adam’s Song”
    • Blink-182 – “First Date”
    • Blink-182 – “I Miss You”

    Recently reformed alt-punkers Blink-182 are certainly a staple of DLC, evidenced by their 5th Tuesday release, and they also featured track in Lego:RB.   According to the awesome blog Rockbandaide, the band has a small handful of those songs in the top 100 song DLC, so there are plenty of Blink-182 fans out there to warrant another song pack.   This pack features some of Blink-182’s more somber hits from their later albums; “I Miss You” and “Adam’s Song” are noteworthy departures from their traditional, trademark humorous, upbeat and melodic sounds.   I think it’s a safe bet that this is but the first Blink-182 pack of 2010, as the band has already announced a new album for the summer.

    • The Ramones – “Rock ‘n’ Roll High School”

    The Ramones first appeared in the original Rock Band 1 setlist, with their mega-hit  “Blitzkrieg Bop”, which was followed by an additional two tracks as DLC, neither of which were as popular as the first song.  This song is quite obscure for The Ramones, and frankly I’m surprised to see this track at all, the band had so many more great hits, not the least of which was titled “I Wanna Be Sedated”.     Over the years, the band has achieved recognition as pioneers of the american punk scene.  In 2002, Spin magazine declared that the Ramones were the 2nd greatest band of all time, right behind the Beatles.  Could you imagine yourself playing Rock Band: Ramones?  I can, and it will be the best 22 minutes of your life.  To put it another way, I once saw this band live in Toronto around 1995, they played non-stop for 30 minutes and played at least 25 songs.   This track has all of the signature Ramones hooks that you would expect to hear (meaning it’s short!), even if it is not a popular song, it is entirely representative of the band’s legendary sound.

    • The Psychedelic Furs – “Love My Way”
    • The Psychedelic Furs – “Sister Europe”

    The Psychedelic Furs are an essential 80’s band, and these tracks are a follow up to their 2008 DLC single “Pretty in Pink”.  Both of these tracks achieved moderate success, the band themselves had a small string of number 1 hits, but to many the Furs will be always remembered as one-hit-wonders who got famous for a movie soundtrack.

    • Paul McCartney – “Band on the Run (Live)”
    • Paul McCartney – “Jet (Live)”
    • Paul McCartney – “Sing the Changes (Live)”

    JET! This is a very sweet surprise for DLC enthusiasts.  This is what Paul McCartney was up to in the 70’s and 80’s – the band was called Wings, and was the only permanent band that any of the Beatles were members of (other than the Beatles).  Wings released five consecutive gold-selling albums in the 70’s, and while they never achieved the notoriety of the former, they did manage to write some very interesting and challenging music.  These songs are all live recordings, so be aware that they will not sound exactly like the radio or studio versions you grew up listening to – particularly “Band on the Run” which has several dramatic and subtle differences from the original.  It’s worth noting that this is the first appearance of a Beatle in Rock Band 2 by name, even though George Harrison played guitar on a Tom Petty track, his name does not appear in the game.

    All of these tracks discussed today are currently available in the Rock Band Marketplace.  I’ll be back later with news of next Tuesday’s DLC.

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