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  • RB: DLC 1/12/10 – Alice in Chains Pack #2

    Posted on January 8th, 2010 Simon No comments

    Today Harmonix has announced that the second Alice in Chains pack will be available in the Rock Band Store: “Alice In Chains Pack 02” will be a 5-track setlist and features some fairly obscure and unknown music from Seattle’s legendary grunge band, however fans of the group will be delighted as these songs sound characteristically like core AIC.

    • Alice In Chains – “Grind”
    • Alice In Chains – “Heaven Beside You”
    • Alice In Chains – “Last of My Kind”
    • Alice In Chains – “We Die Young”
    • Alice In Chains – “Your Decision”

    “We Die Young” is the first song on their debut, Facelift, so for many of the fans this song is as essential to the band as any of their other hits.  “Heaven Beside You (Hell Within)” and “Grind” are both tracks from their later, self-titled album.  This was the last original album that Layne Staley would record with the group, the band went into hiatus shortly afterwards. The remaining tracks, “Last of My Kind” and “Your Decision” are from 2009’s Black Gives Way to Blue and feature William DuVall on vocals, the latter being the third single from the album.

    All five of these tracks, while not necessarily recognizable on their own, create a well rounded setlist for AIC and RB fans.  It’s interesting that we have yet to experience any of the music from their quadruple-platinum album “Dirt”, but in my opinion this just increases the likelihood that we could see it as DLC in the future, possibly even the entire album. This pack will be available this coming Tuesday, January 12.

    Next Week’s Prediction:  Indie Rock from Eels and OK Go.

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