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  • RB: DLC – No Doubt “Singles” on Sale

    Posted on December 7th, 2009 Simon 1 comment

    newdoubt_t5345345345This week on the XBOX Live Marketplace you can purchase the entire “No Doubt – The Singles 1992 – 2003” album for 25% off the price.  1200 points for 13 tracks, or just under 100 points per song.

    I’m slightly confused by this week’s marketplace discount.  First, if you read this and were hoping to pick up a few of your favorite songs, the bad news is of course that this sale only applies to the entire album (ironically called The Singles), there is no advertised discounted price for individual tracks.  I would have picked up a few more if they were 100 points each.   I find it interesting to note that the sale is one year to the day after the tracks were released in the Marketplace.  Coincidence?  Another curiosity to me, is that this is only the second or possibly third sale of Rock Band tracks that I’ve seen in two years of collecting DLC.   There are a thousand tracks, why not have more sales?  It seems win-win for everyone.


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    • I picked up this pack a couple weeks after it was released. It made my wife happy. I wish there were sales more often too. I’m a regular, when it comes to buying DLC, but I don’t buy everything. To be honest, if I saw a songs “on sale”, even if I didn’t like it, I’d most likely buy it because I felt like I was getting a deal.

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