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  • RB: DLC – 12/22/09: Weezer, Offspring, Yellowcard and Limp Bizkit

    Posted on December 18th, 2009 Simon 1 comment


    Two things you can always be sure of: there will always be Rock Band DLC Tuesdays, and that when it comes to more Weezer, its not a question of if, but a question of when.  On Tuesday, December 22, Harmonix has announced the third Weezer pack, which includes two tracks off of their recent “Raditude” album, and one track from 2005’s “Make Believe”.

    • Weezer – “(If You’re Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To”
    • Weezer – “Beverly Hills”
    • Weezer – “Let It All Hang Out”

    Great news for Weezer fans. I’ve picked up all of their DLC to date and I play it often, I find their music has quite an awesome hook and a lot more consistency, perhaps a “Rock Bandness” that other modern music doesn’t always have.  The drums are a lot of fun to play, on any difficulty.  I believe Weezer are the quintessential band for this game.

    • Limp Bizkit – “Build a Bridge”
    • The Offspring – “A Lot Like Me”
    • Yellowcard “Ocean Avenue”

    Who knew that Limp Bizkit is still making records ? “Build a Bridge” is a track from their 2003 album “Results May Vary” which is about 5 years after I stopped caring about their music.  The song also features guitarist Brian Welch from KoRn, so that probably makes it twice as hard on expert right there.  Why Harmonix / Fred Durst chose this track and only this track to debut in the game, I cannot imagine.   I will pay good money for “Nookie”.   That sentence looks strange but I stand by it.

    Yellowcard makes their debut this week with the title track to their 2003 album “Ocean Avenue”.   According to Wikipedia, this band features a few unconventional string instruments- so maybe we’ll get a ripping violin solo or some thrashy mandolin riffs.  Perhaps not.   I gave up after 30 seconds.  Finally we have The Offspring whom have had a small number of DLC releases over the years, but the song “A Lot Like Me” is an obscure song from their last record, and even fans of the band may think twice about dropping 160 points.   Since “Pretty Fly” is already out as DLC, it’s a slim chance that I’ll spend any more points on The Offspring… but anything could happen.

    Next Week’s Prediction: Santa Claus, Spoon and Vampire Weekend!  Happy Holidays.


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    • 1. I love Limp Bizkit, but why this song? It’s not rap-metal, which is what they are known for.
      2. Who doesn’t love Weezer? They are just fun all around.
      3. I’m pissed there were no Christmas songs mentioned. Even if they do come out this week as a surprise, it’s still too late in my opinion.
      4. Offspring…once you’ve heard one song by them, you’ve heard them all.

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