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  • Our Rock Band Network Status

    Posted on December 21st, 2009 Shawn No comments

    MyGGGoAuthIconMany of you are aware of the upcoming release of Rock Band Network, a new way for bands to get their music into Rock Band without having to go directly  through the game developer, Harmonix.  Some of you are aware the us at MyGGGo have started to dip our hands into working on songs for Rock Band Network (RBN).  So, with that, how’s about we give a status update of where we stand on RBN.


    I will start out by saying, we are not very far at all. On the positive side, we have already built relationships with several bands who want us to get their music into RBN.  That has been extremely exciting and positive.  We’ve started working with bands from all over the world.  Go here to see the list of a few artists that we are able to announce. We have a few other bands waiting in the wings, which have a mutual interest.


    I quickly learned that doing work for RBN projects requires dedication, skill, and time.  My toughest part of the three requirements is #3, time (which I guess transcends to #1 also). I took RBN projects on as a hobby with several friends.  The problem for me and my friends, we are all gainfully employed.  Most with full time careers in some form of software development/implementation, and a side job (or band) to boot. Some of us are married and with kids.  My team of four engineers to do RBN work, quickly went to one…as the other three are more interested in just writing/recording new music.

    As a single author/producer for RBN projects, I haven’t been able to get very far.  I have received some of the needed files to properly build songs for RBN: MIDI files, WAV files, written lyrics, and various MP3 mixes of songs. I’ll use the digital music of Innerfuze (@innerfuze) as an example. I’ve taken the MIDI and WAV files for Innerfuze’s sleipovr, and imported them into Reaper (a digital audio workstation, recommended by Harmonix).  I’ve been able to assign the instruments to the song and start charting the tiers. The skill is there, the time & dedication has kept me from getting much further.

    Oh, and a big limiter…I have been in transition (aka moving & moving again) since June.  I’m just getting re-settled and hoping to start to get more immersed.


    With our Twitter accounts @MyGGGo and @MyRBN (not affiliated with, or endorsed by, Harmonix Music Systems Inc., MTV Networks or their affiliates), we have put out calls for authors, or n00b’s who might want to try their hand at authoring.  What it has returned is more bands looking to get their music in.

    So, here is another public call for people interested in getting their hands dirty and building their resume with “Authored songs for Rock Band Network”. I have the tools to supply.  I can train the basic skill set to get started.  You need to supply the dedication and time, and a Windows PC.


    Here’s a bit of gossip, for those of you still reading.  I received an email just yesterday from folks at Harmonix and MTV, asking me to change the name of our RBN web page.  The name is was MyRBN, and includes the picture of Rock Bands Fender logo.  Looks like I crossed a line, and our buddy Matthew at Harmonix asked me to change the name and logo. You’ll now see that MyRBN is no longer, and is now replacing with a more generic MyGGGo Authoring. The logo got a quick and dirty update also. Now, I need to scour the content to see what else might need some changing.

    If you have any feedback, please post in comments below.

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