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  • Slacker Rock Band Station: Beatles, Green Day & 11 more

    Posted on December 30th, 2009 Shawn No comments

    We haven’t put up a post on Rock Band DLC in a week or two. Hey, it’s the holidays…cut us some slack.

    So, as a roll up and a special bonus to you, I’ve updated our Slacker Rock Band radio station, with every itsy bitsy morsel of DLC goodness, including next weeks songs (even included the 1 confirmed song for Green Day Rock Band…American Idiot).

    In this update you will get all from the December 8 DLC release, of Slipknot and Simon & Garfunkel. The Lights Resolve track isn’t yet in Slacker, but I have “hearted” the band, so hopefully it will make an appearance.

    You’ll also get to treat your ears to the December 15 DLC, including more Green Day, 30 Seconds To Mars, and AAR. Oh, and that small Beatles album DLC of Rubber Soul too.

    Plus everything else through next week, including: more Paul McCartney, Blink, Psychedelic Furs, and Ramones.


  • New Super Mario Bros.Wii, Under $40

    Posted on December 29th, 2009 Shawn No comments

    For the first time since its release, I have found New Super Mario Bros for Wii for under $40. It just been listed on Amazon for $39.99, with free shipping. If you are like me (own a Wii, but barely play it), and wanting to get some use out of it…now’s the chance to strike. This game looks like the classic NES and SNES versions of Mario Games, with updated graphics and 4 player co-op.

    The link to the left (even though it might display a different price) will bring you to the $39.99 deal.

    I’m going to pick up New Super Mario Bros right now as a “gift” to my family. I’m thinking, you might want to do the same.

    UPDATE: Wow! This sold out within a couple hours of the price drop. It’s back at it’s standard $49.99 price. I’m glad I picked up a copy when I did. Expect a review of the game sometime late Winter.

  • Avenged Sevenfold (A7X) Drummer Found Dead

    Posted on December 29th, 2009 Shawn 2 comments

    It’s a sad day in the heavy metal scene.  Drummer Jimmy Sullivan (aka The Rev) of Avenged Sevenfold was found dead in his home Monday, in California.  The details trickling in, just state “natural causes”.

    A7X has become one of my favorite bands in recent years, when I stumbled on them around 2004 with the song Beast And The Harlot on Comcast (cable TV) radio.  They sounded like a throw back to 90’s metal and I instantly loved it.  Since then, they have found great success, winning awards, selling albums, and becoming a fan favorite on Rock Band.

    The team at MyGGGo send our thoughts and prayers to Jimmy’s family and the members of A7X. His skills on the skins will be missed.



  • Our Rock Band Network Status

    Posted on December 21st, 2009 Shawn No comments

    MyGGGoAuthIconMany of you are aware of the upcoming release of Rock Band Network, a new way for bands to get their music into Rock Band without having to go directly  through the game developer, Harmonix.  Some of you are aware the us at MyGGGo have started to dip our hands into working on songs for Rock Band Network (RBN).  So, with that, how’s about we give a status update of where we stand on RBN.


    I will start out by saying, we are not very far at all. On the positive side, we have already built relationships with several bands who want us to get their music into RBN.  That has been extremely exciting and positive.  We’ve started working with bands from all over the world.  Go here to see the list of a few artists that we are able to announce. We have a few other bands waiting in the wings, which have a mutual interest.


    I quickly learned that doing work for RBN projects requires dedication, skill, and time.  My toughest part of the three requirements is #3, time (which I guess transcends to #1 also). I took RBN projects on as a hobby with several friends.  The problem for me and my friends, we are all gainfully employed.  Most with full time careers in some form of software development/implementation, and a side job (or band) to boot. Some of us are married and with kids.  My team of four engineers to do RBN work, quickly went to one…as the other three are more interested in just writing/recording new music.

    As a single author/producer for RBN projects, I haven’t been able to get very far.  I have received some of the needed files to properly build songs for RBN: MIDI files, WAV files, written lyrics, and various MP3 mixes of songs. I’ll use the digital music of Innerfuze (@innerfuze) as an example. I’ve taken the MIDI and WAV files for Innerfuze’s sleipovr, and imported them into Reaper (a digital audio workstation, recommended by Harmonix).  I’ve been able to assign the instruments to the song and start charting the tiers. The skill is there, the time & dedication has kept me from getting much further.

    Oh, and a big limiter…I have been in transition (aka moving & moving again) since June.  I’m just getting re-settled and hoping to start to get more immersed.


    With our Twitter accounts @MyGGGo and @MyRBN (not affiliated with, or endorsed by, Harmonix Music Systems Inc., MTV Networks or their affiliates), we have put out calls for authors, or n00b’s who might want to try their hand at authoring.  What it has returned is more bands looking to get their music in.

    So, here is another public call for people interested in getting their hands dirty and building their resume with “Authored songs for Rock Band Network”. I have the tools to supply.  I can train the basic skill set to get started.  You need to supply the dedication and time, and a Windows PC.


    Here’s a bit of gossip, for those of you still reading.  I received an email just yesterday from folks at Harmonix and MTV, asking me to change the name of our RBN web page.  The name is was MyRBN, and includes the picture of Rock Bands Fender logo.  Looks like I crossed a line, and our buddy Matthew at Harmonix asked me to change the name and logo. You’ll now see that MyRBN is no longer, and is now replacing with a more generic MyGGGo Authoring. The logo got a quick and dirty update also. Now, I need to scour the content to see what else might need some changing.

    If you have any feedback, please post in comments below.

  • RB: DLC – 12/22/09: Weezer, Offspring, Yellowcard and Limp Bizkit

    Posted on December 18th, 2009 Simon 1 comment


    Two things you can always be sure of: there will always be Rock Band DLC Tuesdays, and that when it comes to more Weezer, its not a question of if, but a question of when.  On Tuesday, December 22, Harmonix has announced the third Weezer pack, which includes two tracks off of their recent “Raditude” album, and one track from 2005’s “Make Believe”.

    • Weezer – “(If You’re Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To”
    • Weezer – “Beverly Hills”
    • Weezer – “Let It All Hang Out”

    Great news for Weezer fans. I’ve picked up all of their DLC to date and I play it often, I find their music has quite an awesome hook and a lot more consistency, perhaps a “Rock Bandness” that other modern music doesn’t always have.  The drums are a lot of fun to play, on any difficulty.  I believe Weezer are the quintessential band for this game.

    • Limp Bizkit – “Build a Bridge”
    • The Offspring – “A Lot Like Me”
    • Yellowcard “Ocean Avenue”

    Who knew that Limp Bizkit is still making records ? “Build a Bridge” is a track from their 2003 album “Results May Vary” which is about 5 years after I stopped caring about their music.  The song also features guitarist Brian Welch from KoRn, so that probably makes it twice as hard on expert right there.  Why Harmonix / Fred Durst chose this track and only this track to debut in the game, I cannot imagine.   I will pay good money for “Nookie”.   That sentence looks strange but I stand by it.

    Yellowcard makes their debut this week with the title track to their 2003 album “Ocean Avenue”.   According to Wikipedia, this band features a few unconventional string instruments- so maybe we’ll get a ripping violin solo or some thrashy mandolin riffs.  Perhaps not.   I gave up after 30 seconds.  Finally we have The Offspring whom have had a small number of DLC releases over the years, but the song “A Lot Like Me” is an obscure song from their last record, and even fans of the band may think twice about dropping 160 points.   Since “Pretty Fly” is already out as DLC, it’s a slim chance that I’ll spend any more points on The Offspring… but anything could happen.

    Next Week’s Prediction: Santa Claus, Spoon and Vampire Weekend!  Happy Holidays.

  • Friday Giveaway (round 2): 1600 Microsoft Xbox Live Points

    Posted on December 18th, 2009 Shawn 68 comments

    I’m feeling generous today. It’s no scam, I have a 1600 point Xbox Live card and I want to give it away.  That’s $20 worth of Xbox Live points. There’s no charge to enter the contest, you just need to do a couple things.

    1. Follow me on Twitter (@MyGGGo)

    2. Leave a comment with your Twitter name on this post.

    3. Retweet the following line on Twitter: @MyGGGo Giving away 1600 Xbox Live points, RT and follow the steps for chance to win

    4. Once my Twitter account has 500 200 followers, I will give the card away. Once I hit 1,000 500 followers, I will give another 1600 point Xbox Live card away.

    I will use a Twitter application to randomly pick the winner from my Twitter followers. If the randomly chosen winner has done Steps 1-3, I will Direct Message them the code and update this post.  It’s as simple as that. If they haven’t done Steps 1-3, I will randomly pick another winner that has.

    Good luck!

    UPDATE: I made changes to the initial Twitter link from this morning. Contest is now on! Anyone (post authors too) is welcome to participate (excluding Shawn, of course).

    UPDATE 2: I’ve decided to bring someone holiday cheer. Instead of holding out until I get 500 Twitter followers, the random winner will be drawn when I hit 200 followers. Make it happen!

    UPDATE 3: Last night I reached 200 followers and gave away the first 1600 point card. Congrats to @Mlaty.  The contest goes on, but the stakes are higher.  When I reach 500 followers, I will give away the 2nd 1600 point Xbox Live card.  Based on the first part of the contest, I added 80 followers in just under a week.  How long will it take to add another 300?  Tell your Twit friends, and let’s give another card away.

  • Green Day: Rock Band Announced at VGAs (UPDATE2)

    Posted on December 14th, 2009 Shawn 2 comments
    Green Day Rock Band

    Green Day Rock Band

    Rumors just started flowing on Twitter and the Rock Band forums about a commercial for the Video Game Awards (VGAs) which air live on the East coast (U.S.) tonight at 8:00. In the commercial, people are saying they saw a new Rock Band game with Green Day avatars in it.  Looking as if Green Day: Rock Band will be announced tonight.

    If you have any interest in following this rumor, turn your cable (or satellite) TV to Spike tonight at 8:00 (check your local listings for your local time, as it is delayed 3 hours on the West coast).  Let’s follow this rumor together.

    UPDATE:  This just in, here’s a YouTube link to the commercial.  Yup, it’s Green Day, and it’s Rock Band. YouTube Green Day Link Here.

    UPDATE2: It’s official, Green Day: Rock Band will be coming to Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii sometime in 2010. All songs will export to Rock Band 2, and all current Green Day DLC will be playable in GD:RB.

    Thanks to @S1cKH4nds on Twitter for giving me the heads up.

  • RB: DLC 12/1509 – 30 Seconds to Mars, All American Rejects, More Beatles (Update 2)

    Posted on December 11th, 2009 Simon No comments

    In addition to the 3-pack from punk rock veterans Green Day announced earlier in the week, Harmonix has added three more tracks to next week’s DLC, including new music from DLC favourites, the All American Rejects and 30 Seconds to Mars.

    • 30 Seconds to Mars – “Kings & Queens”
    • 30 Seconds to Mars – “This is War”
    • All-American Rejects – “Gives You Hell”

    I don’t have a lot to say about these two, other than to say that this represents the fifth song by AAR available on the platform, and the 3rd and 4th songs for 30 Seconds.  If you are a fan of either band, but don’t have the points to spend, you should check out Shawn’s Friday twitter contest below.

    RubberSoulTuesday also brings the third (and hopefully not the final) album DLC for The Beatles: Rock Band.  This time it is the classic “Rubber Soul”, the group’s sixth studio album from 1965 featuring full-on bowl-cuts, a lot of please-pleasing and a french broad named Michelle.   As with any Beatles DLC, some of the best cuts are missing because they are already featured in the game, which sometimes makes the DLC list look a bit ‘neutered’ (probably not the best choice of words, sorry).  Here’s the track list:

    • The Beatles – “Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)”
    • The Beatles – “You Won’t See Me”
    • The Beatles – “Nowhere Man”
    • The Beatles – “Think For Yourself”
    • The Beatles – “The Word”
    • The Beatles – “Michelle”
    • The Beatles – “What Goes On”
    • The Beatles – “Girl”
    • The Beatles – “In My Life”
    • The Beatles – “Wait”
    • The Beatles – “Run For Your Life”

    “Rubber Soul” will cost you 1440 points, which if you win Shawn’s Friday twitter contest, you would have exactly enough left over to purchase one more song.  Good luck to all who enter.

    Next week’s predictions:  Last Tuesday before Christmas, so I’m guessing a holiday 3-pack:  Bowie & Crosby “Little Drummer Boy”, Elvis Presley “Blue Christmas” and my personal favourite christmas song of all time.

  • Harmonix Layoffs…Say It Ain’t So-oooooo

    Posted on December 10th, 2009 Shawn 2 comments

    From Joystiq:

    by Alexander Sliwinski { Dec 10th 2009 at 12:37PM } Breaking News

    MTV Games has confirmed to Joystiq that 39 positions at developer Harmonix were eliminated today. The move was part of a restructuring to “better align [the] staffing to best suit [Harmonix’s] product development plans and schedules moving forward.” The publisher claims that “those affected were primarily in QA. The others affected ranged from administrative to other various roles within the company.” At least one staff designer seems to have fallen under the “other” category.

    Although Electronic Arts has a partnership with Harmonix, these layoffs are “totally and completely unrelated” to EA’s issues.

  • BlackBerry Not Reconciling with Outlook? Read on

    Posted on December 10th, 2009 Shawn 6 comments

    BlackBerry BoldI use a BlackBerry Bold 9000 on AT&T. This is a corporate device, and it’s connected to my companies BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES), for over the air (OTA) syncing of email, calendar, contacts, and tasks.

    A few months back, I opted to upgrade my Bold’s operating system to a leaked version of the BlackBerry OS.  After it was complete, my Bold started showing signs of syncing issues.

    In a quick detail it goes like this:

    • I delete an email from Outlook, and it does not automatically delete (aka Reconcile) from the Inbox on the Bold.
    • I open an email in Outlook, and it does not automatically mark as opened on the Bold.

    These things used to work, prior to upgrading the OS.  On the flip side, if I open or delete an email message on the Bold, it does reconcile within Outlook.  So, this is saying the there is some sort of syncing, but it’s not fully working both ways.

    I’ve done many tests, including following RIM’s Knowledge Base suggestions of KB 10939.  I’ve gone as far as to wipe the device (aka remove all the data, applications, and OS; and reinstall an official OS and every app from scratch. I’ve even tried exploring deleting/undeleting messages in Outlook.  None of these options resolved the issue.

    This morning, as I continued to troubleshoot, I stumbled on a tip that suggested I toggle Wireless Reconcile from on/off and then from off/on.  Interestingly, doing this process, cleaned up the Inbox on my Bold to match Outlook.

    The steps to do this process are below (which I suspect are similar for any BlackBerry):

    1. On the BlackBerry, open the email application.
    2. In the menu, select Options > Email Reconciliation.
    3. In Email Reconciliation, change Wireless Reconcile to Off, and then Save.
    4. Return to Email Reconciliation, change Wireless Reconcile to On, and then Save.

    The above steps forced my Inbox on the BlackBerry to match the Inbox on Outlook.

    As a follow-up test, I created a new email message in Outlook and sent to myself. As expected, the message arrived in both my Outlook and BlackBerry Inbox. I opened the message within Outlook, but the message remained unopened in the BlackBerry Inbox. Grrr!

    So, I’m able to do a one-time clean up by using the steps above, but I’m still not able to get the Reconcile feature to automatically update the BlackBerry Inbox.  My plight continues…

    If you have any suggestions, please post below.

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