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  • PSA for potential “Verizon Droid” adopters

    Posted on November 9th, 2009 Steve 1 comment


    First off this is NOT a review of any kind. I am in no way responsible for anything stupid you may do as a result of the information below (i.e. get thrown out of a Verizon store for being an unruly nerd customer). 😉

    My girlfriend and her mother both purchased this phone on Saturday. Of course I went with them to make sure they did not get suckered into any extra services or accessories and because I also am very interested in buying it, but am not eligible for an upgrade yet.

    The process was fairly smooth, but obviously something interesting happened or I would not be writing this to Shawn’s blog right? As usual, the sales rep synced their old contacts to their new Droid phones and then promptly asked for their email address and password. Obviously this raised my attention, and after a short ‘discussion’, I was informed that he (the sales rep) is ‘not allowed’ to let any Droid device leave the store without a synced email account on the phone due to “how the data plan works”. Clearly, he has no clue what is going on and management has told him to do something, so he does it.

    If it was me purchasing the phone, he would have been dealing with a PITA engineer for a customer. Luckily my girlfriend and her mother don’t use their email for anything important, so they handed over their credentials and let the sales rep go out back and sync the devices. No issues have occurred as a result.

    So when it comes time for me to purchase, I plan on:

    1)Claim I don’t have an email account and see what happens…


    2)Create a dummy gmail account to sync with the phone, change it myself as I see fit after I leave the store.


    3)Change my email’s password to a temporary password, change it back when I leave the store


    4)Attempt to swindle the device out of the sales rep’s hands in order to configure the device myself (This is the best case, and what I will try first).
    This was at my local Verizon store, mileage may vary elsewhere.

    Take it for what you will…



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    • Steve,
      When you have time, write up a personal review of it. I’d love to hear more.

      About the registration policy to give a sales rep your username and password, WTF!!! In an era of identity theft at alarming rates, and information security on the forefront of many peoples minds, this can’t be true. Can it? Is Verizon really training their $10 an hour employees to ask customers for Gmail usernames and passwords? There’s some serious liability and ethics issues in that model. One case of a hacked Gmail account and stolen critical messages, and Verizon could be in for a world of legal and media hurt.

      Not to mention, Gmail credentials can get admin access into a whole lot more. YouTube, Google Analytics, Google AdSense, Google Talk, Voice, Wave, etc etc.

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