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  • Slacker Rock Band Station: Gets Lego, Queen, AiC & more

    Posted on October 15th, 2009 Shawn 1 comment


    Rock Band DLC
    Station Image
    Rock Band DLC
    * All DLC through October 20
    * Lego Rock Band (soundtrack)
    * Queen 10 pack
    * Alice in Chains 01 pack
    * Breaking Benjamin 01 pack
    * The Raconteurs 01 pack
    * Electric Six 01 pack
    * Brütal Legend 01 pack
    * Plus 13 singles
    This station contains artists from the ever growing collection of Rock Band content across all versions, consoles and regions. As of 10/15/2009 every available song on Slacker is “hearted” in the station. I have banned all unrelated artists and songs. You will find very few non Rock Band tracks in this station. As of today, more than 874 songs from the collection have been hearted.
    Enjoy, Rock On!


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