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  • Slacker Radio New Features

    Posted on October 23rd, 2009 Shawn No comments

    The browser based version of Slacker Radio has been updated, with some great features. I haven’t seen the release notes, but have noticed my own list of improvements:

    • Improved Searching. More of just a UI update, that breaks out searching into bands and songs.
    • Twitter integration. Allowing auto-tweets when you start a station, add a song as a favorite, ban a song, or ban an artist.
      • This is a very cool feature for me, the Twitter and Slacker nerd that I am.
    • Sharing feature has updates (including the above mentioned Twitter integration). URL shortener for Tweeting or Facebooking, 2-click emailing stations, and a new Embed feature (see the embedded Rock Band station below).
      • Embed is pretty awesome, as this now allows you to embed a fully functional station within a web page, as I will regularly do now here at

    Small Embedded Slacker Player – with my custom Rock Band station.

    Wicked Big Embedded Slacker Player – with my custom Rock Band station.

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