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  • RB-DLC: Wolfmother 5-Pack, Hallowe’en & Teen Packs on 10/27/09

    Posted on October 23rd, 2009 Simon 3 comments


    Wolfmother‘s long awaited second cd, Cosmic Egg, is officially in stores today, and to celebrate the release Harmonix has created the Wolfmother 5-Pack featuring three tracks from it.  The remaining two tracks are from their previous platinum-selling self-titled album.  Wolfmother is Australia’s premiere hard rock band, having recently gone through an almost complete band roster change (hence the delay for the new record), and almost changed their name to “White Feather” earlier in the year.   Here is the 5-pack contents:

    I’m honestly more excited about this than the QUEEN pack if you can believe that.  I have played their other Rock Band Song to death, its one of my all time favorites in the game.   They picked some great tracks for this pack, although some of these were already available on the Guitar Hero 5 platform.  Give the new songs a listen on YouTube and pick up their new CD today!  These songs are a real treat for drummers like myself.

    With the holiday approaching, we are reminded that Harmonix loves Hallowe’en too.  Its pretty obvious that last year’s Alice Cooper pack has been outdone and shredded Rob Zombie pack.  “Burn” is a new track from his upcoming CD, and Zombie fans will definitely recognize the other two songs.  Still no “Thunder Kiss” or “Living Dead Girl” but you can’t deny that “Dragula” was one of his better tracks.   We were previously treated to some Zombie in January and February, this brings his total to 6 tracks in the game.

    • Rob Zombie – Burn
    • Rob Zombie – Dragula
    • Rob Zombie – Superbeast

    Still frantically racing towards 1000 songs, Tuesday will mark the release of what I’m arbitrarily calling the “Teen Pack” which contains a track from Liz Phair and two tracks from the band Morningwood.

    • Liz Phair – Rock Me
    • Morningwood – Best of Me
    • Morningwood – Sugarbaby

    The only Liz Phair song I had ever heard before today was “Supernova” (which I think would make a great RB song).   I’m a bit speechless after hearing “Rock Me” because it sure doesn’t sound like the Liz Phair I remember, and in my opinion sounds more like Avril / Britney.   As for Morningwood, aside from the questionable innuendo in their band’s name, I didn’t hear anything interesting from their tracks.  Their song “Best of Me” is the theme song to a failed reality dating show on VH1.  All in all these three are fairly forgettable tracks.

    The songs are all available on the XBox Marketplace on Tuesday, 10/27/09, 160pts per track, 440 for the Zombie pack, and presumably 720 for the Wolfmother pack.  Enjoy the new music, and on behalf of Shawn and the myGGGO blogging team, have a safe and happy hallowe’en!


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    • That Liz Phair track is a disgrace and I’m disappointed they picked a newer song to put into Rock Band, since it’s likely to give most people the same reaction you had. Liz Phair was one of the best songwriters of the 90s and Exile In Guyville is easily one of the top 10 albums released that decade… But you wouldn’t know that form the Matrix-produced tracks from the 2000s (yes, the Avril Lavigne producers, sadly.) Trust me, Liz Phair is incredible, but you’d have to listen to Exile or Whip-Smart (the one with Supernova) to know it. I blame the fact that Exile sounds like it was recorded on a 4-track that we will probably never get any of those early tracks in RB and are stuck with her new stuff that sucks.

    • There’s nothing for me this week. They can’t all be winners.

    • So having played through the Wolfmother pack twice on Expert Drums, gotta say that the highlights are the cuts from the first CD, “Woman” and “White Unicorn” and the other songs are great as well.

      Here’s the note charts:


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