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  • RB DLC for 10/6/09 – Electric Six, Raconteurs, Alanis, Flobots!

    Posted on October 2nd, 2009 Simon 3 comments


    The week of October 6 is going to be another amazing week for Rock Band DLC!  While Guitar Hero 5 is getting some more great music from Queens of the Stone Age, RB fans are getting some amazing NEW music from Electric Six, Flobots and the Raconteurs as well as a small tribute to Alanis Morisette whose “You Oughta Know” was included on last year’s Rock Band 2 disc.

    Electric Six.  I’m really excited about this band, their sound is very energetic and the singer is hilarious.  They are perhaps best known for their song “Danger! High Voltage!” which was used in a Subaru commercial in 2008.

    Flobots, from Denver, made their debut in 2007 with their impressive cd Fight with Tools, and Handlebars was the first single from it.   Combining hip hop, jazz and alternative hard rock is not a new concept but Flobots manage to keep their sound refreshing.  If you enjoyed the MC Frontalot DLC, this makes a nice addition to an almost overlooked genre in Rock Band.  After playing the Gorillaz songs a few times, I am really looking forward to more hip hop drum beats and this song definitely delivers in that category.

    Raconteurs!  Jack White would really like it if you would overlook his previous statements about music games, and give him your money instead!  Hypocricy aside, I highly recommend you purchase each and every one of these tracks, they are quite good. “Steady as She Goes” was one of the featured songs I was really looking forward to in Guitar Hero 5, its a lot of fun to play no matter what instrument you choose.

    Also two more from Alanis, again, good to see more tracks from existing RB artists.   I don’t mind playing her other track occasionally but I can’t say I’m excited about these two.  Any Alanis fans out there?

    The songs are 160 msps each, or 440 for the Electrix Six or Raconteurs packs, and will be available on Tuesday, October 6, 2009.  Overall with the exception of Ms. Ironic this will be an exceptional week to grow your collection of RB DLC.


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    • At first glance, my take on next week is “meh.” Never heard of Electric 6, heard of The Raconteurs but don’t know their music, of course I know Alanis but don’t have a driving desire to pick up any more of her music. Oh, and who are the Flotbots?

      That said, I gave Electric 6 a listen. Me likey. Very bizarre pop-rock and as bizarre videos. Though, it’s good stuff, even the stuff not coming for DLC. Dance Epidemic is a fun song to listen too, and I think will be fun to play all around. Gay Bar, is just freakin’ hysterical (not so sure I’ll be letting my kids play this one). I have a new band to add to my “I like” list. Thanks Harmonix!

      Flobars, oh that’s the “I can ride my bike with no handlebars” song. The epitome of white rap! I love it. Like Simon says (he he), think of MC Frontalot or Cake or even some clean Eminem.

      The Raconteurs, I stand by what I said when I first heard of them (White Stripes) years ago. Jack White is the next generation of Kurt Cobain and he (and the White Stripes) will be huge. I think The Raconteurs continues with that statement. Not sure, I want to play their songs in RB (just like I don’t want to play much Nirvana in RB), but I like their music.

      Alanis, is Alanis. Maybe if Pepsi has another giveaway contest next summer 🙂

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