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  • RB DLC for 9/28/09: Breaking Benjamin, Kula Shaker, Alice in Chains and Just Kait

    Posted on September 25th, 2009 Simon 1 comment

    aliceinchainsAnother Friday comes and another DLC announcement from our friends at Harmonix.   Next week there is a lot to choose from!  Three new artists and some more classic grunge metal, a total of 11 new tracks are ready to drop on Tuesday, September 28.

    First up is the 5-Pack from Alice in Chains to support their new album, Black Turns to Blue, in stores next week.  Two new tracks from the legendary grunge band from Seattle, and three of their more well known songs from the original lineup, one of which was exclusive to the PSP’s RB: Unplugged.  The new tracks also happen to be the first two singles from the new album.

    • Alice in Chains – “A Looking In View”
    • Alice in Chains – “Check My Brain”
    • Alice in Chains – “Would?”
    • Alice in Chains – “Rooster”
    • Alice in Chains – “No Excuses”

    Next is a band that wikipedia describes as ‘post-grunge’, Breaking Benjamin, with a single from each of their three studio albums.  You may recognize this band as the band whose music plays over the credits of just about every action film made in the last few years.

    • Breaking Benjamin – “I Will Not Bow”
    • Breaking Benjamin – “So Cold”
    • Breaking Benjamin – “The Diary of Jane”

    Finally we have new tracks from Just Kait (warning: myspace link!) and Kula Shaker.  Just Kait appears to be more music for the Nickelodeon set, something for 14 year old girls to rock out with, unless I’m mistaken, this could be the lowest selling track of all time.  There is almost no mention of this band on the internet, which tells me that they would have been a better fit for RBN.  Sorry to all the raving JK fans, I’m sure the two of you will be quite happy to learn this track is half price!  Maybe they can spend the proceeds on a dictionary.  You’ve heard of ‘phoning in a performance’ but this one was definitely ‘texted in’.   So here’s hoping that I don’t have to hear the song twice.

    • Just Kait – “U Suck”

    Kula Shaker is a immensely popular psychedelic brit-pop band that re-emerged in 2007 and is producing a new album set to be released shortly.  “Hey Dude” and “Knight on the Town” are the first two consecutive tracks from their debut cd.   I would compare their sound to Oasis or Blur, if those bands formed in Bombay.   The Indian influenced sound was their hook, and they were known for not only singing in Sandskrit, but also incorporating heavy use of a Sitar on most tracks.

    • Kula Shaker – “Hey Dude”
    • Kula Shaker – “Knight on the Town”

    Each track is 160 points, and again Just Kait is only 80 points.  All of these will be available on Tuesday, so start warming up your Layne impressions because we’re going “Innnnto the flood Agaaaaaainnnn.”


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