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  • MyGGGo Now Producing Songs for Rock Band Network

    Posted on August 11th, 2009 Shawn 2 comments

    The time has come to get into Rock Band Network production before the beta officially opens. I’ve made the decision to get all the necessary tools and begin charting/authoring songs for Rock Band.

    I’m starting with my bands and friends bands. This is a project for fun, not for profit. I’m hoping to get electronica music from Innerfuze, hip-hop/metal from Suspicious Hooligans, and others soon.

    We are not focused on any specific genre, but our background covers hip-hop, rock, metal, and electronica.

    I won’t be going this alone. I have a team of musicians, software developers, and audio production experts teaming up to give this a go.

    We are hobbyists, with full-time day jobs. We love music production, we love Rock Band, and we love software development.

    Keep posted for news, as we progress.

    Most importantly, do you have a band or do you know of a band that might want to get their songs in Rock Band? We’d love to take on your bands songs and get you in as one of the very first new bands on the Rock Band Network for Xbox 360.

    Sure, there is money to be made (bands will get paid if their songs are purchased by Rock Band users). But, that’s not our focus. This is a hobby of ours and we are looking for some cool music to chart/author for Rock Band.

    Contact me directly, or leave a comment if you want more details.


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