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  • UPDATE2: Buy Guitar Hero 5, get GH: Van Halen for free, plus $10 in Amazon MP3s, Plus $10 off your next game

    Posted on August 20th, 2009 Shawn 4 comments

    UPDATE: If the deal wasn’t enough for you with a free copy of Guitar Hero: Van Halen and $5 of free MP3’s from Amazon, well it got better. Now, when you buy Guitar Hero 5 from Amazon, you still get everything I mentioned above, plus $10 off your next video game purchase from Amazon. Now, you can get The Beatles: Rock Band one week later ($10 off regular price or for $46.99).
    UPDATE2: Maybe I’m reading this wrong, but the Amazon listing for Guitar Hero 5 now states everything I mentioned about plus another $5 of free MP3’s from artists in the game. Check for yourself. But, if this is as it is written, you get GH5, GH:VH, $10 off your next game, and $10 in free MP3’s, plus free shipping on everything. You pay $60 (and there is an Amazon price guarantee, if the game price drops between now and when it ships, you get the lowest price). You pay $60, and get $135 of stuff, with free shipping. So, WTF are you waiting for?

    Too Good to be true?

    Buy Guitar Hero 5, get Guitar Hero: Van Halen for free, plus $5 in Amazon MP3s. That’s over 135 songs, for less than $60.

    GH5 Features:
    * In-game Avatar support
    * GH:WT / DLC & GH:Band Tour Song Import
    * Drop-in / Drop-out Party Mode
    * Mixed combination of Instruments.
    * Expert+ Mode for Drums
    * Most All GH:WT / All DLC Songs have been recharted to support Expert+ and GH5 features.

    I’m still fired up for The Beatles: Rock Band, but the deal above is pretty incredible!

    Who’s going to get this deal?


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    • I’m in, Great deal. Not sure how they plan on making a profit on the Van Halen product. The limited time aspect of this is aimed to people like myself who have never purchased a retail GH product, only used copies. I would not have otherwise purchased either title at retail, so maybe that’s their plan. I’m hoping that we will learn about some great RB:Beatles deals before too long.

    • MrPrez, I look forward to playing some VH with you when it comes out. I was not going to get either GH game, since I’m already planning on The Beatles, most likely Lego Rock Band (if it had import/export), and probably DH Hero.

      This deal is just too good. I’m getting it too.

    • I am with you, Shawn. I wasn’t considering GH5 but with the song export feature from GHWT and GHSH, plus GHVH being free, this is a no-brainer now.

    • Maki,

      Can’t wait to play GH5 with you in a couple weeks. I didn’t do the “release day delivery” because I’m a cheap skate, so give me a few days for my FREE shipping to arrive.

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