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    Posted on July 23rd, 2009 Shawn No comments
    Courtesy of

    Courtesy of

    I’m a BlackBerry junky. I’m a WordPress blog junky. Now, there is a WordPress for BlackBerry app that allows full blogging capabilities on your ‘berry. I’m typing this post on my Bold.

    It’s still a beta app, at version, but so far, so good. I installed the app no problem. There’s not much to look at on the main screen. You need to hit the BB menu button to see initial login options. After typing in my URL, by the way, that’s here, admin user name and password; blammo, I was presented with the name of my blog. By the way, that’s My Gadget, Game & Gizmo Obsession.

    Like the login, there’s not much to look at on screen, until you hit the menu button. The menu gives options to view posts, pages, etc. Also, it gives the option to write a new post, which brings me to right now.

    Other than the limitations of typing on a BB keyboard versus a full size desktop keyboard, all looks good.

    The things I need to look into next is:
    Can you add images, and how easy is it to do so?
    Can you add Amazon or Google ads, and how easy is it to do so?

    You can pick up the app directly on your ‘berry here. (I believe, it works on all models–Storm excluded)

    I’ll be back with an update.

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