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  • The Beatles: Rock Band Pre-Order Club Update

    Posted on July 28th, 2009 Shawn No comments

    Courtesy of

    Courtesy of

    Have you heard that The Beatles have a video game coming out?  (That was a bit of a joke).  The Beatles: Rock Band comes out everywhere (worldwide) to all systems (Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii) on 09.09.09.

    A lot of info has been released for the game.  25 confirmed songs, 6 in-game venues, and new plastic instruments.  There’s also a pre-order club, trying to get people to buy the game before its release date.

    What do you get by joining the pre-order club?  Access to a special web site that gives an early glimpse of things to come.  As far as I know (I haven’t pre-ordered the game yet), it’s just a glimpse of new songs, venues, game play, etc.  Stuff that will be all over the web within minutes of the pre-order announcement.  So, why pre-order?  I don’t have the answer.  But, I do know that I will be getting the game, so I might be pre-ordering this week to take advantage.

    I do know that an announcement will be coming out via the pre-order club today.  Check back.

    UPDATE: Here is today’s announcment, as I currently know it. [SOURCE]

    The Conclusion of the Alex Rigopulos and Giles Martin Interview and The Beatles™: Rock Band™ Exclusive Screenshot and Wallpaper
    This week we conclude our two part interview from Abbey Road Studios in London with Harmonix CEO and Co-Founder, Alex Rigopulos and Creative Producer and Music Supervisor for The Beatles: Rock Band, Giles Martin.

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